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Planning at the Building

Almost everyday we continue to have discussions and make plans about the ministry building. There are lots of decisions to make!

Discussing layout plans

Can you see the little piece of popcorn in the air? (Nice, Stephen 🙂 )


Here is our current “office” at the building. Pretty fancy, huh?!

We have been very grateful for the help from Ben Weieneth (at laptop). He is a homeschooling friend of ours who has an interest in architecture. His dad gave him the “homeschool assignment” of drawing floor plans for the building. He drew up some very nice, detailed floor plans and showed them to us.

The very next morning, when we applied to get a building permit, the city requested drawings from us. My dad knew just who to call! We were grateful to the Lord for his provision.


Tracy Jarmon, (bottom left) is our “contractor” and a very good friend of our family’s. He has spent hours and days working at the building and discussing plans with my dad. He has so many good ideas and he understands what we are trying to accomplish. I don’t know what we would do without him.

Bright Lights Office

Making Progress…

We are now almost done with the tear out process at the building — thanks to the help of many friends. We had our third “work party” last night, and were grateful to have about 20-30 homeschoolers in the area come out to help.

Preparing the floor for carpeting and tile.

Thankfully, Sarah never actually used this 🙂

Removing drywall–lots of it–as you can see from all the dust in the air making my pictures fuzzy…

Scraping off rubber left from the previous carpeting

Of course, snacks are a necessity


We gathered and prayed for the homeschoolers in California and the crucial court case that is going on right now.

Bright Lights Office

Building News!


We hit it off with the sellers of the building and we invited them out for coffee as we were leaving the realtor’s office after the closing of the sale. We hadn’t known each other previously, but we are friends now! As our realtors were sorting through all the important legal documents, we were chatting away. (I think our realtor’s thought we were kind of unusual clients 🙂 )
They had a family-run motorcycle shop until the dad of the family passed away a few years ago. They are very grateful that the building is going to be used for a good cause now and they want to come back and see it when it’s “done”.
Early Saturday morning we found this note on the front door of our new building. They had worked late into the night to clean all of their stuff out of the building and also left a welcome note for us.

A few men prayed and dedicated this building to the Lord, and we asked for God’s protection and blessing. Several testimonies were given about how we’ve already seen the Lord’s hand in so many ways. Then…the work began!

First, the guys had to go dumpster digging… 🙂

The dumpster was an attraction to many, as you can see…

…but not to everybody.

Below are some pictures I snapped throughout the work day.




I never knew how much fun it was to “demolish” a building! We had a blast! It’s not every day that you get to go tear apart a building.

We took off all the paneling, carpeting, and tile, knocked out a wall, took out a huge counter, etc. The building seems like an overwhelming project in a way, but getting so much done the first day was an incredible start.

THANK YOU to everyone who gave up your Saturday to come help!!!!

Bright Lights Office

Leap Day Brings a Giant Leap!

Leap Day brought a giant leap for our family and Tomorrow’s Forefathers! (For those of you who don’t know, Tomorrow’s Forefathers is the name we use for our family ministry.)

God has made it possible for us to buy a building!!! One block away from our town square is a commercial building that we will now be using for office space for Bright Lights and other aspects of the ministry, as well as a bookstore and resourse center for our community, etc. etc. It’s a solid building (3,770 sq. ft. with full, dry basement) one mile from our house. It needs a little fixing up.

We closed on the sale (debt free) this morning, and we are very excited and grateful to the Lord. This has been developing over the past few months, and we have been encouraged to see the Lord’s hand in many ways. I will be posting more details soon.



Tomorrow morning we have an open house and dedication ceremony planned. (If you live in the area, please join us! We are having rolls and coffee from 9-11am with a dedication ceremony at 10am.)