Mothers and Daughters

Discipleship starts at home! The Bright Lights curriculum is a tool that we hope you find helpful in seeking to raise your daughters to love and follow Jesus. Our prayer is that this curriculum, combined with the mother/daughter discussion guides, will be a blessing to you and prompt wonderful and constructive conversations centered on Scripture. As you go through the studies together, they will provide you with unique opportunities to have deep conversations with your daughter in which you can share lessons that God has taught you with her. Many mothers have told us of the special times of learning and growth that came from their times going through the material together.

What does it mean to be a young lady living devoted to Christ? How should that affect her relationships at home? How can she serve the Lord in her youth? What challenges should she expect? How can she be working on growing in godly character now as she prepares for the future God has for her? The Bright Lights material covers many practical topics that help young ladies answer these question. Girls will be encouraged to read God’s Word daily, to grow in their walk with the Lord Jesus, to develop close relationships with parents and siblings, to choose contentment, to develop biblical discernment, to fear God rather than men, to control their words, and to choose wise friends. Each lesson contains Scripture, biblical insights, practical applications, and testimonies from girls who share how the Lord has been working in their lives.

For mothers and daughters using the material at home, we suggest that once a week you have a special mother-daughter time, read through one booklet aloud together, discuss the questions in the mother/daughter guide, pray together, listen to the section of the CD which goes along with that lesson (approximately ten minutes of stories and testimonies that supplement the lesson), and determine ways in which each of you can be applying this topic to your life this week.

The target age for the Bright Lights curriculum is 10-15, but it is flexible, especially in a mother/daughter setting. 

Tips for Mom

We encourage you as mothers not to give your daughter all the material at once. It will be more meaningful for your daughter to receive one booklet at a time to add into her binder. The other sections of the binder (“daily growth,” “my stories,” and “resources”) are for the young lady to keep personal records. You and your daughter may find it encouraging to hold each other accountable for daily disciplines.

A Further Suggestion

Mothers and daughters also may want to consider starting a Bright Lights group together. As the mother leads the group, she will be able to give her daughter training in how to disciple while also mentoring a group of other girls. Eventually, the daughter may be able to take over the leadership of the group herself. This is how many Bright Lights groups have been started!

The Bright Lights curriculum is available here.

We recommend this as a good package to start with.

Mother/daughter discussion guides look like this.