Join us February 12th and 13th for our upcoming online Radiant Purity Conference!

Radiant Purity Online Conference

For: Mothers and Daughters (ages 12-22+)
Dates: February 12-13, 2021

A girl who is set-apart for Jesus and walking closely with Him shines with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. Designed for moms and daughters to enjoy at home, this conference will encourage young woman to walk in purity and put Jesus first in every area of their life. Purity is not found in a list of rules, but in the pursuit of Jesus Christ.

Including skits, stories and testimonies, chalk talks, practical instruction, and real-life examples, this conference gives Biblical answers to everyday questions and deep life struggles. The material is discreet and appropriate for twelve-year-olds, yet relevant to all ages.

This online conference was recorded live at a Radiant Purity conference. The sessions are taught by Sarah Mally (now Hancock). Since getting married, Sarah recorded new material which has been added into each session. She and her husband, Andrew, also recorded a brand new session where they tell their story, share lessons God taught them along the way, and discuss key principles in relationships.

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