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Take a look at our upcoming conferences and events. Young ladies, young men, fathers and mothers will be encouraged in their walks with Christ and equipped for ministry.



Witnessing Weekend

New Dates! March 24-27 

Who Is This For? This weekend is for those who are new to witnessing as well as for those who have experience but want to rekindle zeal with fresh ideas, encouragement, and fellowship. Ages 15+ are welcome.

Dates: March 10-13, 2022 (Rescheduled due to illness)

Topics: The content that will be taught over the weekend was formed from the concepts in the first eight chapters of Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to be Bold with the Gospel, written by Grace (Mally) Moffitt. We will discuss topics such as how to deal with fear and excuses, how to present the gospel message clearly and accurately, how to ask good questions and make witnessing a back-and-forth conversation, and how to use gospel tracts. Sessions and discussion will be led by Josiah and Grace Moffitt.

Schedule and Atmosphere: The setting and schedule for this event will be casual. We look forward to the benefits of a limited group size: more opportunity to get to know each other, individualized focus, and more intimate group discussion. On Saturday afternoon, we will put into practice what we have been learning. Afterward we will come back, discuss our experiences, and pray for those we encountered.

Housing and Food: The attendees will lodge at the Moffitt, Mally and Hancock homes, divided by gender. Everyone will have their own bed, but bathrooms and bedrooms may be shared with other attendees. All meals will be provided. Limited to 11 participants.

Arrival and Departure: Please plan to arrive between 4:30-6:00 pm on Thursday night to get settled in. (Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm on Thursday, followed by an evening session and fellowship.) The weekend will conclude around 2:00 pm on Sunday.

Price: $100 per person. Will Our Generation Speak? book and accompanying study guide included.

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Testify Training Camp

CAMP 1 AUGUST 11-15, 2022
CAMP 2 AUGUST 18-22, 2022

Join us for a 4-day (4-night) camp of witnessing training and outreach. Mornings are spent in evangelism training at the camp; afternoons are spent putting into practice what we learned at the Iowa State Fair, which includes helping at the Answers in Genesis gospel booth. Due to staff and space limitations, we are offering two camps this year.

  • Practical training in witnessing and apologetics
  • One-on-one coaching and opportunity to glean tips from others in action
  • Evening fellowship and opportunity for Q&A
  • Transition conversations with unbelievers from natural to spiritual topics
  • Pass out gospel tracts with confidence and skill
  • Use creation science as a starting point
  • Be winsome and gentle
  • Use questions to generate gospel discussions

This camp is for anyone with a heart for the lost, Ages 16 and up. No previous witnessing experience required.

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