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Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
The emphasis of this book is not just “getting along” but becoming best friends! Sarah, Stephen, and Grace share many personal stories about challenges they have had and lessons the Lord has taught them. They challenge siblings to work through irritations and struggles, demonstrate faithfulness at home, and serve the Lord together as a family team. We encourage this as a read-aloud for the whole family.

Before You Meet Prince Charming
How can we honor Christ in our relationships? What should our perspective be as we wait for God to bring someone? How can we find security and satisfaction in Jesus? How can broken lives be restored to radiant purity? How do we resist temptation and stand strong in trials? Through a captivating story of a young princess, combined with Biblical teaching and stories from her own life, Sarah encourages young ladies to walk by faith and delight in Jesus, their heavenly Prince.

Will Our Generation Speak?
How do we get a witnessing conversation started? What if someone asks a question we can’t answer? What if we feel scared? How can we articulate the truth of the gospel with boldness, confidence, clarity and accuracy? In this book, Grace share practical tips, ideas, and stories about how to effectively communicate the gospel to those around us. We only have one life to live, and it goes by fast! Today’s Christian youth are in a position like Esther. God has raised them up “for such a time as this.” The question is, “Will our generation speak?”

Speak Truth in Your Heart
Many girls try to change their wrong actions, but never learn to discern the wrong thinking behind the actions. As girls learn to identify lies which are the root issues behind struggles they face and replace them with truth, they will see how God’s Word will transform each area of their lives as the truth sets them free! In this book Sarah addresses many practical areas such as a girls’ emotions, temptation purity, an understanding of who God is, and a proper view of who we are in light of the truths from Scripture.

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