Tracts and Resources

Evidence for the Resurrection

This tract summarizes the evidences of Christ’s resurrection and is a great tool for evangelism year around, and especially during the resurrection weekend!

It briefly takes a look at six key evidences: hundreds of eye-witnesses, enemy eye-witnesses unable to refute the facts, His followers wouldn’t die for a known lie, the rapid spread of Christianity, the reliability of the New Testament, and fulfilled prophecy.

The tract also debunks a few common questions: Did His followers steal the body? Maybe Jesus wasn’t really dead?

Lastly, it explains the significance: If Jesus is dead, we have no hope. But if He is alive, He demonstrated that He is indeed Almighty God and has power over death—not only to raise Himself, but to give eternal life to all who trust in Him.

Peter told the other disciples in Acts 1:22 that they needed to find someone to replace Judas to “become a witness with us of His resurrection.” Note how he emphasized the resurrection as what they needed to be witnesses of. We must be witnesses of His resurrection too.

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Saint Patrick Gospel Tract

St. Patrick’s Day offers a great opportunity to share the gospel! Many don’t know who St. Patrick was or why we remember him. This tract tells a brief story of Patrick’s life, and then explains the message he preached, giving a simple and clear gospel presentation. The gospel is the message that changed Ireland in the 4th century. People usually receive the tract very warmly, and they are often curious about the life of St. Patrick.

Ideas: give them away to neighbors with plates of green cookies, check if there is a St. Patrick parade in your area and arrange a group of people to hand them out (you can easily give them away by the thousands at a parade), or keep them in your purse or pocket to give to people that you meet. Say, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here is the history of St. Patrick for you to read.”

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Christmas Account from the Bible

This gospel tract is designed to give away through the Christmas season. It includes only Scripture as the text (plus a few websites at the end). We recommend giving it out to people and asking, “Have you read the Christmas story from the Bible yet this year?”

We like to roll them up like a scroll, and tie them with a ribbon, rather than simply giving out the flat sheet of paper. This makes a nice addition to a plate of cookies or another gift!

The special strength and feature of this tract is that people will actually be reading a Biblical account for themselves right from Scripture itself. Since most Americans no longer read the Bible it might be a first for many.

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Incredible Creature Cards

Have you ever noticed how many people are interested in animals? It is because God has built into mankind a wonder at the things that He has made—He has revealed Himself through His creation. Children especially love to talk about and study animals.

These animal cards are a great tool for evangelism. They are one of the easiest “tracts” to hand out because people are usually excited to receive them.

As we bring people face to face with facts about God’s amazing creation, may their eyes then be open to the truth that the Creator Jesus Christ is the One Who is able to be their Savior.

There is an explanation of each unique animal on the back of the card, a Bible verse, and a link to a salvation message.

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