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Have you ever noticed how many people are interested in animals? It is because God has built into mankind a wonder at the things that He has made—He has revealed Himself through His creation (General Revelation). Children especially love to talk about and study animals. The hope which inspired the Creation Cards is that they will be taken on field trips, zoo tours, to shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, recreational areas, parks, gas stations, malls, fast food shops, etc, with the purpose of bringing people face to face with facts about God’s amazing creation. May peoples’ eyes then be open to the truth that the Creator Jesus Christ is the One Who is able to be their Savior.

These Incredible Creature Animal Cards are a great tool for evangelism. They are one of the easiest “tracts” to hand out because people are usually excited to receive them.

In this set you will receive 50 cards—approximately 4 each of the following animals:
Dog—Man’s Best Friend
Horse—The “Five Heart” Creature
Penguin—The Polar Masterpiece
Brown Bear—The Active Sleeper
Hummingbird—The Flying Jewel
Beaver—The Equipped Swimmer
Bombardier Beetle—An Explosive Creature
Giraffe—Amazingly Designed
Chicken and Egg—The Great Transformation
Woodpecker—Ideally Designed
Gecko Feet—A Forceful Grip
Chuckwalla Lizard—A Salty Sneezer

There is an explanation of each unique animal on the back of the card, a Bible verse, and a link to a salvation message.

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