Benjamin, His Father, His Grandfather, and Jesus


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This book was written by the Ann Rodgers, the Mally’s grandmother (Rebekah’s mom).

Illustrated by children (grandchildren and friends of the author).
85 pages

This sweet story is written as historical fiction from the time of Christ, telling about a boy named Benjamin, his father, his grandfather, and their encounters with Jesus.

Book Excerpts:

“A carpenter! What could a carpenter know about the Law and prophets?”
“That’s part of the puzzle, Benjamin. More than that, they say he is from Nazareth, and surely Simon knows that no one of any learning could come from such a place as Nazareth.”

“Grandfather,” Benjamin began slowly, “You remember the story about the baby?”
Grandfather’s eyes had a special twinkle. “Indeed I do. How could I ever forget it?”
“Could you tell it to me once more?” There was an eagerness in Benjamin’s voice.
“Well,” began Grandfather, “as you know, it happened when I was yet a shepherd in Bethlehem. Your father was but a wee lad and at home with his mother. There were six of us shepherds out on the hillside that night. The night, like most nights of the winter season in the hill country, was clear and crisp and sparkling with stars. There was no wind. Four of the shepherds were asleep; Only Hosea and I were awake … ”

Note from the Author: This story was written as a result of my experiences with teaching a Sunday school class of third-grade children. We were learning about the miracles Jesus performed. We thought it would have been interesting to be a newspaper reporter at that time. Of course, we were aware of the fact that there were no newspapers, but there were storytellers. Therefore, the children did write stories telling of the miracles. We had little success in finding children’s literature describing the daily lives of the people.Therefore, I decided to do a little research and write a story that included some details of daily life at that time. This story is the result.

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