Bright Lights Office

Why are we getting a bigger building??

This is what the Bright Lights office (our old house) looks like right now. It’s so full, my Grandpa says he feels like he has to crawl through a maze to get anywhere.



  1. I’m happy that you’re going to be moving into a new building – looks like you needed the extra space! 🙂 What a huge blessing! Wishing you the best!

  2. Actually, Shelley, we haven’t started to move yet. Our house is just so full it has been beginning to look like this all the time! The girls who come over and volunteer say they don’t think they would survive if we didn’t get a bigger location to work from.
    Thankfully, God is Jehovah Jirah!

  3. Wow! I knew things had become very crowded at the old house, but I didn’t realize just how VERY crowded it had become. How incredible our God is to provide such a building as well as the furniture. Praise the Lord!

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