Bright Lights Office

Making Progress…

We are now almost done with the tear out process at the building — thanks to the help of many friends. We had our third “work party” last night, and were grateful to have about 20-30 homeschoolers in the area come out to help.

Preparing the floor for carpeting and tile.

Thankfully, Sarah never actually used this 🙂

Removing drywall–lots of it–as you can see from all the dust in the air making my pictures fuzzy…

Scraping off rubber left from the previous carpeting

Of course, snacks are a necessity


We gathered and prayed for the homeschoolers in California and the crucial court case that is going on right now.


  1. The Lord is so good to provide this wonderful facility, as well as so many loving friends to help get it ready for use!
    Praying that all goes well.


  2. I always love your pictures Grace! We’re praying for the CA homeschoolers too.

  3. It’s good to see that everything is going so well, and so quickly too! Praise the Lord for such great friends who are willing to help.

  4. Hey Grace!
    This looks great! I am so happy that it worked out this way and that remodeling is underway! I pray everything goes smoothly for you all!
    I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures here of you all!
    Say hi to your family!
    Nicole Chmelar

  5. Hi!

    I love your pictures… I’ll be praying for the home-schoolers in CA. 🙁 I’m home-schooled myself, and it’s great!!! God bless & keep you!:)

    With love your sister in Christ,

  6. Sawzalls are GREAT for demolition work! : ) Yes, that court case in CA is looking to be pretty important…

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