Bright Lights Office

Planning at the Building

Almost everyday we continue to have discussions and make plans about the ministry building. There are lots of decisions to make!

Discussing layout plans

Can you see the little piece of popcorn in the air? (Nice, Stephen 🙂 )


Here is our current “office” at the building. Pretty fancy, huh?!

We have been very grateful for the help from Ben Weieneth (at laptop). He is a homeschooling friend of ours who has an interest in architecture. His dad gave him the “homeschool assignment” of drawing floor plans for the building. He drew up some very nice, detailed floor plans and showed them to us.

The very next morning, when we applied to get a building permit, the city requested drawings from us. My dad knew just who to call! We were grateful to the Lord for his provision.


Tracy Jarmon, (bottom left) is our “contractor” and a very good friend of our family’s. He has spent hours and days working at the building and discussing plans with my dad. He has so many good ideas and he understands what we are trying to accomplish. I don’t know what we would do without him.


  1. That’s so neat how God has placed in your life just the people you need. I’ll continue to be praying. I can only begin to imagine all the decisions and everything that has to be done just in getting everything figured out. I have to say, even though I don’t live anywhere near you, I’m still excited about how the Lord provided this building. He is just so awesome.

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