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We Don’t Believe in Coincidences!

You might think that at a college campus everyone is busy and no one is interested in talking about Christianity. But that is SO not true! Two days ago we went witnessing with some friends at a local college campus and we had so many great conversations. Nickie shared with a few international students that had never heard the gospel before–ever! From what I hear, it was a very good conversation and the students were very grateful.

One girl said the she and her friend had just been talking the night before about what happens when a person dies. Even though she wasn’t ready to receive the gospel, we do think God had prepared her for our talk by giving her those thoughts/questions the night before. It was just another reminder that God does direct our steps and prepare hearts when we ask Him to! Another person told us that he was going to go read the gospel of John now.

Here’s something one of the guys who went witnessing with us sent in an e-mail: “I used to be so afraid of this type of thing. I thought just going up to people and trying to share my faith with them would drive them away and would be a bad experience overall. My stereotype is shattered! Many people we talk to seem genuinely glad that they talked to us and interested in hearing what we have to say.”

Two of us began witnessing to a man named Rod. We asked him one of our favorite starter questions: “In the last 6 months has your interest in God increased, decreased, or stayed about the same?”
He said it had definitely increased and then explained that he had come to the campus this afternoon specifically to pray for students on the campus to come to Christ and be discipled.
Wow, I could hardly believe what I was hearing!
He explained that his ministry was to travel around the country with his wife in their RV and pray at college campuses. We told him that we had just come to the campus specifically to share the gospel there! (Actually, this was only the second time we had come to Coe College this year!)
“When did you get here?” we asked him.
“About a half hour ago,” he replied.
“That’s when we got here!” we told him.

We felt like we were there because he was there. We were majorly refreshed and energized, seeing this as a special confirmation from the Lord. I gave Rod a Bright Lights brochure so he would have our contact information.
“Bright Lights? My nieces are in this!” he said.
“Are you serious?” I asked. “What are their names?”
“Melanie Thompson and her sisters… they lead a group in Ohio,” he said.
“I’m good friends with them!” I told him,“I was just talking to Melanie the other day!”

Later on, James (a guy who was witnessing with us) also approached Rod to witness to him. When he learned about Rod’s ministry, he asked, “Did you ever pray at the University of Indiana?”
“Yes” Rod replied.
“I was saved there!” James exclaimed.
Both were very encouraged. The body of Christ is amazing. What can I say? The Lord is so good to us.

Just this afternoon I talked on the phone with Melanie, who had already heard about the encounter from her Uncle Rod. She told me that her uncle has already been to 1,000 campus praying! What a testimony to faithfulness–even though fruit isn’t always seen immediately.

“The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we His servants will arise and build…” (Nehemiah 2:20)


  1. Thanks for sharing Grace! I love seeing Gods loving hand working through and around my life. And more than that knowing it is not a coincendence!

    Thanks again!
    In Christ Alone,
    Haley S. 🙂

  2. Rod has even prayed on our “little” campus in Joseph, OR! We have homeschooled our girls and when Rod and Kim visited with us a few years ago, I asked Rod to pray for our “campus” and students!
    The devil is seeking to devour the young and the weak. Through the power of prayer, we go forward with confidence that He hears and answers our prayers in the best way possible for His Glory!

    Bless Rod and Kim, and ALL the students have have been and will be saved as a direct result from his prayers!

    Praise GOD!

  3. I am so thankful to know you and know that our Mighty God continues his mission thru. Bless you in your travels and know I too do not believe in coincidences…only acts of LOVE.
    Nancy and Harold Trudeau
    Brighton, MI

  4. Wow! Amazing story! It reminds me of the guy in Facing the Giants who would walk throught the school praying for the students. 🙂

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