The Greatest…

“For the church:
The greatest price was paid: the death of Christ;
The greatest honor was extended: to be co-regents with Christ;
The greatest intimacy was introduced: as the body and bride of Christ;
The greatest blessing was assured: eternity with Christ.
When He gave His word, it was to her;
When He gave His life, it was for her;
When He expressed His will, it was that He might spend eternity with her.
The church was in His heart and mind and will from before the foundation of the world and shall be in His embrace forever.” –Author Unknown


  1. The Steve Pettit Evangelistic team does a song that reminds me of this post called “We Preach Christ”

    “We are the church the chosen bride of Christ
    We have the imprint of His cross upon our lives
    The highest price was paid
    When the Lamb of God was made
    A perfect and most holy sacrifice
    We have one purpose, one mission
    One reason to remain
    To preach the cross of Jesus
    And magnify His name!”

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