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Sharing the Gospel at the University of Iowa

20140914_174329_29882 Yesterday a team of 10 friends and I went to the University of Iowa to share the gospel with students. Afterward we gathered and shared our stories over pizza.

I think we keep learning over and over that nothing compares to the joy and fulfillment of doing what Jesus has told us to do — going into all the world to share the gospel and make disciples. I thought you’d be encourage to hear a bit of what we saw the Lord do yesterday!

Here Nolia is sharing the exciting story of how a lady she and Maree talked to (named Ann) trusted Christ to save her! Apparently Ann went to church and had a lot of Bible knowledge, but the simple gospel message itself had never clicked with her until yesterday. We are praising the Lord for this divine appointment! Nolia laughed as she explained to us how Ann’s husband drove around the block several times, waiting to pick her up, but Ann kept saying, “well, he can wait,” since she was anxious to hear the rest of what Nolia and Maree had to say.

Jon and Eric talked for over an hour with this man and lady sitting on a bench. They were full of questions about why God allowed so many things to go wrong in their lives. The lady was in tears. It sounds like the Lord really used Jon and Eric to provide some good answers and caring encouragement. Jon shared about the rich man and Lazerus and how we are not promised an easy life. He explained that our hope is not in this life but in the next.

Amanda and I talked with a girl, Morgan, who had left her Christian background and now has many very different views. Amanda shared her testimony with Morgan, and that led us into the gospel.

“I don’t know you very well,” I told Morgan, “but I do know that many have a wrong view of Christianity and they think it’s about rules and working to be good enough to get to Heaven when in reality that’s not what the Bible says at all!”

Morgan seemed intrigued by this and asked some good questions. We had a good talk about the righteousness that God GIVES us as a gift, as Romans 3 describes. Please pray for her.

Radio Interview
On a different note, as we’ve been praying for the Lord to raise up laborers to the harvest and for opportunities to encourage lives in this direction, it’s always exciting to see the Lord provide. One of those provisions came in the form of a recent e-mail I received, asking if I would be willing to be interviewed regarding Will Our Generation Speak? on VCY America, on the CrossTalk radio show. That interview happened this afternoon, and if you’d like to hear it, it is archived here.

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  1. Neat! I like how you organize get-togethers with fellow peers to witness like this – what area do you do this if I was interested in going along as well or is this a possibility?

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