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Five minute NEA Gospel Outreach Report Video

We’ve had another fantastic day in England and I’m looking forward to blogging about it later when I have time. In the meantime, I wanted to share the latest video that Nickie and I put together about the witnessing outreach at the NEA last month.

Nickie and I always feel sharpened after returning from the outreach at the NEA Convention. We learn a lot from listening in on the witnessing conversations of those who’ve had more witnessing experience than we have!

We’re excited to now give you a little taste of what the Lord did last month in Denver. This 5 minute video has witnessing footage from the booth as well as reflections and tips from team members.

You can also see a really exciting story from the NEA recently posted on Ken Ham’s blog here.


  1. Thank-you for sharing, Grace. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in the lives of others! Thanks to you and your team members for sharing Truth with the teachers who came by!


  2. Thanks for sharing your experience through video. Watching you all in action is so very encouraging and helpful. I appreciate you so much. Praying for you as you labor in England. In His love, Jennifer

  3. Hey Grace!
    I wanted to thank you for sharing, I love hearing testimonies of the ways The Lord is working! It was especially encouraging to me because I’ve had the privilege of doing a lot of ministry in Denver recently. We’ve been going out into the streets and just loving on people there every Friday night, and it’s super encouraging to see you guys doing ministry here as well! We’ve seen The Lord work in soAny ways of Divine encounters, salvations, and healings, and it’s really encouraging to hear about a sister doing the same thing even in the same city! We really all are a body, and I just want to encourage you to keep loving on people and sharing the Good News with them!! It’s a blessing hearing about ways The Lord is working even in the same city when we have no idea of what else He’s already doing there! So anyhow, thanks for being Faithful and keep on sharing the Love of a Jesus with people!! May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry. 🙂
    Love, a sister in Christ, Elizabeth

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