Month: November 2009

Bright Lights Office/Family News/Noah's Archive Bookstore

Today Something New Happened….

IMG_7647 Unlocking the front door.

We opened the bookstore in the front of the Bright Lights office. It’s still “sinking in” that we are now running a commercial store!

IMG_7655 Starting our first day with prayer

IMG_7658 First costumer receiving a free book



IMG_7651 “Can you believe we are actually opening a store tomorrow?” Stephen asked me last night.
“Not Really”


Thanks to the Lord’s provision, we were able to open this store on black Friday “in the black”. There are DOZENS of stories I’d love to share with you (and probably will eventually!) of how the Lord provided for us to purchase this building debt-free and how He has provided for the interior furnishings at every turn. And, of course, we are grateful to over 115 friends from our area who helped with the remodeling/moving, etc.

See here for pictures of what the building looked like before.

We still have many things to complete and add (permanent outside sign, more shelving and inventory, furniture, etc.) but we’re grateful we’ve finally reached an “opening point”. And we know that He who has been faithful thus far will complete His will in His time! 🙂

Miscellaneous/Recent Productions

Guess what just arrived?

11-17-09We are thrilled to announce that the Bright Lights CD is now available!

When Rachel Wissmann asked me back in April at the Omaha Bright Lights Conference if we had ever considered making a Bright Lights CD, I told her it was one of those projects I wasn’t sure if we’d ever get to. But–when she offered to help with it–that was a different story! I presented the idea to my family and our “family meeting” on the issue ended very quickly as we all agreed the offer was too good to turn down.

The Lord answered prayer beyond our expectations in the production stages of the CD. It is our continued prayer that this CD would have a mighty impact in people’s lives!

Below is a little “taste” that Stephen put together.
[flv: 480 368]

For more information or to order a copy, click here.

Also, if you think of it, the Wissmann family could use extra special prayer this month as they are serving Him in Branson, MO.

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” Psalm 145:3-4

Witnessing Stories

A Special Advantage

As I exited a building yesterday afternoon I turned and saw a man sitting against the wall eating his lunch in the sunshine.
“Hi!” I said and smiled, a little startled to see him there.
“Hi!” he replied, surprised by my greeting.
I kept walking.
You know, that man didn’t look too busy, I realized, I think he’d read something if I gave it to him. I walked back and handed him a little tract called “Something to Think About.”
“Here’s something for you to read when you finish eating your lunch,” I told him.
“Thank you!” he said.
I turned to leave.
“Now wait,” he asked, “what is this?”
“It’s a Christian gospel tract,” I said. “I like it because it clearly explains things that we all need to be thinking about.”
“Oh, okay!” he replied. He was fine with that.
“Have a good day!” he told me.

I am recounting this little story to illustrate a few points about passing out tracts.

1) It’s very helpful to be confident to be upfront about what we are handing people—a gospel tract. People like it when we are honest and call it what it is. If we act timid and shy, they’ll feel uncomfortable too.

2) I think young people (especially girls) have an advantage when it comes to passing out tracts because people aren’t intimidated by them. What I mean is this: if my dad would have gone up and given this man the tract, he may not have reacted as warmly. But if a girl cheerfully greets someone and gives them a tract, they almost always receive it. In fact, sometimes it makes their day! But it is also important to be wise about who you talk with and be safe.

So, girls, we have the responsibility to do what we can do and to do it well. And to do it faithfully.

A few weeks ago, I was walking near our town square with a 15-year-old friend. I saw a girl smoking by the side of the street and thought of giving her a tract but didn’t. Before I knew it, my friend had pulled out a tract and given it to her. And then my friend, (Rachel, from a missionary family who was staying with us for a few days) continued to give out tracts to everyone we passed on the street. I was impressed! No one was annoyed or offended…instead they all responded well and thanked her for the tracts.

I think Satan tries to decieve Christians into thinking that people will be offended if given a tract. Some may be, but most are not.

Sidewalks are public property. You can pass out anything you want. In this country of increasing darkness, let’s learn to take advantage of every opportunity!