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Today Something New Happened….

IMG_7647 Unlocking the front door.

We opened the bookstore in the front of the Bright Lights office. It’s still “sinking in” that we are now running a commercial store!

IMG_7655 Starting our first day with prayer

IMG_7658 First costumer receiving a free book



IMG_7651 “Can you believe we are actually opening a store tomorrow?” Stephen asked me last night.
“Not Really”


Thanks to the Lord’s provision, we were able to open this store on black Friday “in the black”. There are DOZENS of stories I’d love to share with you (and probably will eventually!) of how the Lord provided for us to purchase this building debt-free and how He has provided for the interior furnishings at every turn. And, of course, we are grateful to over 115 friends from our area who helped with the remodeling/moving, etc.

See here for pictures of what the building looked like before.

We still have many things to complete and add (permanent outside sign, more shelving and inventory, furniture, etc.) but we’re grateful we’ve finally reached an “opening point”. And we know that He who has been faithful thus far will complete His will in His time! 🙂


  1. Amazing! The store is absolutely beautiful. Praise God for how He’s provided and proved Himself to your family and others watching during this store’s “birth”.
    Love you guys!

  2. Where is the bookstore? In Marion? I got the e-mail, but deleted it, and would like to come do some Christmas/birthday shopping!

  3. Wow Wow Wow!! I’m soo excited! As much as I’m loving China, I wish I were there too! The building looks absolutely great- it’s hard to believe that’s the same place I spent much of my time at during the internship! It looks so different- in a very positive way. What a blessing that it’s finally OPEN…PTL!

    Love and ((hugs))


  4. Wow Grace – that’s GREAT! I’m so happy for you all, and the pictures look lovely. Makes me want to stop by. 🙂

  5. Pam: Yes, the store is in Marion — 945 7th Ave.
    We are a flat brick building right behind Zoeys (next to a bright yellow loan building).
    We’re open until 8pm tonight. Our normal between now and Christmas will be:
    Tuesday-Friday: 10am-2pm.
    Saturday: 10-noon.
    Thursday Night: 5-8pm
    Sunday and Monday: Closed

    Everyone else: Thanks for the encouragement – wish you all were here! 🙂

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  6. OH WOW! That store is beautiful. . .one I would love to come and spend a day in. =) There isn’t a bookstore [much less a “Christian” bookstore] around here that I would trust everything that’s in it – and I’m pretty sure I would love everything you have! Maybe I can visit one day. [smile]

  7. Wow, this really looks amazing!! I realllllly wish I lived nearby so I could come visit the store! What an incredible thing you all are doing. 🙂

    God bless,


  8. The store looks wonderful!!! I hope we can visit your hometown and shop there sometime. 🙂


  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!! 🙂 I am so excited! The bookstore looks wonderful! And the name is perfect!
    🙂 I was not expecting to see this post when I checked Gracenotes today. And yet, here is it!
    Look at what the Lord has done!

    Joyfully, with love, Mary

  10. Awww….it is so pretty! I love the little touches you added that I can see in the photos, the tv, sofa, children’s play area, and you serve coffee and bread too? Bookstores just have books on shelves in Singapore:) Wow! So much has been done since the work first started last year. Congratulations! May God bless the bookstore richly and use it to bring many to Himself.
    Lots of love, Jolynn

  11. Wow! Grace, that looks so good! I really wish I could come visit. Are you ever a cashier? Were you all serving bread at the store?
    That looks really good! Congrats.

    ~Tori L.

  12. Grace,

    The store looks awesome! I especially love the train set as that is a HUGE blessing for families with small children. And, I saw the sign for the DVD rental… that is so very much needed… love it! My family and I will have to stop in some time soon!

  13. I agree with Stephen- it’s hard to believe it’s actually open now! Did you finish all 64 or whatever things on your dad’s list? I can guess… From what I can see from the photos, it looks really nice! Oh, and I really like the name you guys chose. 😉

  14. How neat, Grace! It looks so warm and homey…great job! Oh, yes, and I really, really like the name; it’s so creative! What a wonderful ministry project. I wish we live closer. 🙂
    P.S. Are you selling CDs and DVDs too?

  15. Thanks, everyone. Praise the Lord. Abby Kramer thought of the name (after our MANY lengthy discussions, lots of prayer, and our endless lists of possibilites). THANK YOU ABBY!
    When we picked the name we chose this as our theme verse:
    “By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. ” Hebrews 11:7

    And Abby, here’s something I wanted to share with you. Someone who attended the BL conference at the Creation Museum wrote to us in August and said this:
    “At the Creation Museum, viewing the Noah’s Ark exhibit, it occurred to me that the B.L. ministry is like Noah building an ark of safety for our daughters in this crooked, evil generation.”

    How neat is that. We just came across that letter today. She had no idea of the new name of our bookstore and (neither did we at that time!)

  16. Toria: Sarah uses foam curlers and sleeps on them.
    Adeline: We are revamping our website right now. When it is finished, we will have some information about Noah’s Archive, as well as an expanded online store where we will sell many of the materials we sell in the shop. I’ll post about it when it’s finished (within the next couple of weeks) Thanks for asking.

  17. I miss this place. And you guys…er, gals. I wish I was still nearby to help out there! (Though of course I’m happy where I am otherwise.) I’m especially glad you’re renting DVDs, that’s a really good idea.

  18. Awww, what an inviting place! I can hardly wait to visit it next year when we are in your area! That’s the king of place I like to spend time in. 🙂 And like Jolynn said, there are so many neat “little touches” that make the place look so cozy and homey…and great bookstore! 🙂

    Praying for the store as you all get used to running it and all. How are you arranging like who works there doing what?

    Hannah Ruth

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