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Guess what just arrived?

11-17-09We are thrilled to announce that the Bright Lights CD is now available!

When Rachel Wissmann asked me back in April at the Omaha Bright Lights Conference if we had ever considered making a Bright Lights CD, I told her it was one of those projects I wasn’t sure if we’d ever get to. But–when she offered to help with it–that was a different story! I presented the idea to my family and our “family meeting” on the issue ended very quickly as we all agreed the offer was too good to turn down.

The Lord answered prayer beyond our expectations in the production stages of the CD. It is our continued prayer that this CD would have a mighty impact in people’s lives!

Below is a little “taste” that Stephen put together.
[flv:http://tomorrowsforefathers.com/files/smile_song.flv 480 368]

For more information or to order a copy, click here.

Also, if you think of it, the Wissmann family could use extra special prayer this month as they are serving Him in Branson, MO.

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” Psalm 145:3-4


  1. Grace~
    Thanks so much for posting that! I’ve been waiting for them to come out since I helped record the backround voices on the Omaha Bright Lights song in July!

    In Him,
    Hannah Kolar
    A Omaha Bright Lights girl

  2. This is amazing, Grace! I love it!
    We just had the ATII conference in KL (rather than Melaka) last week, and we had fond memories of when you guys were here. We miss y’all MUCH!!
    Thanks for blessing us with your blog and ministry. 🙂
    Petra and I would love to attend a conference when we go to the US next year.. where can I get a schedule of your conferences? Thanks 🙂

  3. Danielle — So nice to hear from you! I’ve been thinking of you all over there quite a bit recently and missing you as well!! This is the first time in 3 years that I’ve been able to watch the trees turn colors here in Iowa in September…and it felt sort of strange not packing up to go to Singapore again!
    So you are coming to the States?! Definately keep us informed… we don’t have any conferences scheduled at this point, but I’m sure we’ll be doing more next year.
    Keep in touch– it will be great to see you again. 🙂

  4. This is sad – I don’t recognize four of the song titles on that list! Have I been gone that long??
    I’m really excited you’ve made the CD finally! It looks great and I know it will be a blessing to a lot of people. I miss you all!

  5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I am SO excited about this new cd, and I was going to ask about it if they didn’t appear soon. I will definitely be adding this to my Christmas list. 🙂
    May God bless you abundantly…have a happy thanksgiving!
    Psalm 100

  6. P.S. I just watched the video, and it is amazing! Thank you Stephen for putting it together! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs! 🙂

  7. We are so excited about the cd. We have been checking your blog since the conference in VA. to hear this news. Are you going to have the song book available soon? Thank you so much for your ministry.

  8. “The Smile Song” is just beautiful! I’ve always loved the words – thank you so much for putting that together and sharing it:)


  9. Yes, this B.L. CD will bless many people. The video of the “Smile Song” has blessed me because
    those Wissmann girls have amazing God-given voices! 😉 I’m so excited about ordering the CD and listening to the rest of the songs.



  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!!!!! 😀 May God bless you oh-so-abundantly always & always & always! 🙂 Your ministry is awesome and so are you! 😛 So about what you were saying earlier – I know what you mean! It’s been more than a year since y’all were here but it seems a lot less than that.. time flies too fast for my liking 😛 Yes, we’ll certainly let you know when we’re in the region – I’d loooove to attend a SITL or Radiant Purity conference!
    Love you! 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Grace!! May you keep living your life for Him this next year. ~Philippians 1:9-11~

  12. As usual, I forgot it was your birthday…..so……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful, blessed, memorable day!
    I hope y’all can come back down our way soon! I can’t believe it’s been 2 1/2 years since we last saw you!
    Love and blessings,

  13. Thank you Danielle for bringing up the subject! I add my birthday blessings as you’re ending this day, Grace. May our Father bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ask or imagine, as you serve Him this year!



  14. Hi Evelyn! How are you? People have been asking me how you’re doing, and I say something like…, “I don’t know. I haven’t heard from her except her comments on Grace’s blog and Amy’s blog. I assume she’s doing wonderfully, though. :-)” So which 4 songs don’t you know? Two of them were ones written recently by Rachel Wissmann (I Will Live for You and He is Faithful). So those two are new for us, also. But they beautifully fit the message of Bright Lights! Just came from Catherine Goodman’s bridal shower tonight. We miss ya! Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah

  15. We just received our CD this morning! Thank you so much! We love it!! It is beautiful and includes so many of our favorite songs.
    Happy birthday, Grace!

  16. Hi Grace,
    I have a quick question…you mentioned that you are working on a songbook for the CD. Will this include words or piano music or both? Thanks so much! It sounds wonderful. 🙂
    In our Savior,
    P.S. Happy birthday! 🙂

  17. I second what Jenny said! I just got mine & my whole family has enjoyed listening to it. I’m so excited to share it with my group! Thank you for all the work you put in to making this resource, you really did a fabulous job!


  18. Annie: The songbook will include both piano music and words.
    Glad to hear the rest of you have been enjoying the CD! Thank you!

  19. Hey Grace!! 🙂 Terrific! Will you be shipping some out to Singapore and Malaysia too? I’m interested in getting one! Do you know how much it will be in Malaysian or Singaporean dollars?

    Deb 😀

  20. How exciting! I was so very excited to see that the CDs arrived!
    The Smile Song sounded simply beautiful–thank you for sharing, Grace!
    May the Lord bless your family abundantly!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

    P.S. I was also excited to hear that the songbook has piano music and will be ready soon! 🙂

  21. Thanks, Grace, for making the arrangement. God bless the fruitful work of you all’s hands abundantly and exceedingly.

    Have been thinking of you all recently and the BL team since ATII in Malaysia was recently over 2 weeks ago. I might drop you an email to your (Admin Edit) email. You can view my blogspot again because I have updated it already. 🙂

    Loves to you and your family,

  22. Happy B’day to you too! I forgot that 😛 May God bless you as you continue to serve Him and trust Him always!


    Rejoice in the Lord always!

  23. All the songs sound great! I love the way you can hear the words so clearly, not the beat. This CD is going to bless many, many girls and their families. Thank you for making this, and may God bless you!:-)
    Laura H

  24. WOW! We love the Wissmann Family and we also love the Bright Lights curriculum. How exciting that this CD came out! Praise the Lord!

  25. Beautiful music and beautiful cover! Can’t wait to listen to the whole CD! God bless you!
    Bright Lights Orlando

  26. I have been really enjoying listening to the CD. I am part of the Omaha Bright Lights Group that came to the studio last summer and I was also able to spend some time with you at the home of the family that hosted you during your stay. I really enjoyed meeting all of you and the studio was a great experience and lots of fun. I have really enjoyed being part of a Bright Lights group, the Strong in the Lord conference, and the books “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends” and “Before you meet Prince Charming”
    Thanks so much!

  27. Hi Grace,
    I just wanted to let you know, that we listen to the Smile Song at least 20 times each day:) My younger sisters ( 3 and 4 YO) especially like it, but we all enjoy listening to it!

    Just thought you would enjoy hearing how much we like it~

  28. Hi!
    I’m just another girl out there tryin to stay pure and be a Bright Light!
    I can’t wait to listen to the CD! it looks SOO Awesome!


  29. The music on the CD is wonderful! The girls is the Wissmann family are very blessed to have such harmonious voices!


  30. Got your CD a couple weeks ago. Have enjoyed listening to it with Hannah S. Last night in bed we listened to the last one, Let My Life Be A Light. I hadn’t got to it on the CD yet, and I love that song. And it sounds so cool done a capella with all the harmonies. 🙂 Listening to the CD brings back memories of singing with you all in the car in past years when with you. and also doing music at your home. Will look forward to hopefully doing some more of the when we see you all next year.

    Hannah Ruth

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