“A woman’s heart….


  1. Thanks, Rachel. And thank you to Abby Kramer for the picture! She took it on the trail by our house that my family enjoys a lot.

  2. Thanks so much – I’ve read this before and it is so encouraging. That is the way it should be…may I be faithful in seeking the Lord and not my own things… Thanks for blessing me today Grace!

  3. That is so nice! I love it!
    Abby Kramer was my bright lights group leader at your radiant purity conference! She was great!
    ~Tori L.

  4. 🙂 You make me smile- I was just thinking of this quote the other day and couldn’t quite remember it word-for-word. Thanks for the gorgeous picture and reminder!

    Hannah in cold and not-quite-so-foggy LangFang!

  5. Amazing! The beautiful background has just the right amount of fog so the distant trees could easily be seen. However, the two tall trees in the middle seem to be the main “characters” in this picture. I’m becoming more and more amazed at God’s wonderful creations! Thanks for sharing this picture, Grace! 🙂



  6. I’m teaching the Courtship lesson in Bright Lights Thursday. This perfectly sums up the lesson. Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you so much, Grace, for sharing that quote with us! I have never heard it before, but it has become one of my favorites. It is very thought-provoking. Thanks! 🙂
    P.S. Lovely picture, as well!

  8. This is so cool! I have heard that quote many times, but never have I seen it paired with a picture- a very beautiful one at that! Could I possibly use this on my own blog? Just wondering!

  9. Desiree: I actually don’t know which book the quote came from. I’ll research it, though.
    Laura: The picture belongs to Abby Kramer, but I’m sure she’d be happy to share it with you. I’ll e-mail you Abby’s e-mail address so you can contact her.

  10. Grace thank you for sharing this. I’m 40 this next month and God has hidden this wonderful saying from me until this morning. It’s amazing how He can make a few words feel like such a gift and touch my heart. It’s beautiful and makes me cry as it’s so true.

    Eric and I saved now, weren’t when we got married and God scooped me up in his grace and allowed my love for Him to witness to my husband but I have to admit this comment renewed my heart today because this is what needs to happen everyday still after we are married. The excitement and love don’t end and marriage with deep brokeness in it’s past requires that heart to stay close for healing. That example of closeness is what I see in the Bright Lights young ladies, all you are doing now to draw close to God will never be something you stop doing when married but do all the more. And I just want to encourage you all that God has blessed you to start this process in your hearts now and I’m so grateful that my daughters will have the foundation of godly womanhood to recall when babies are crying and husbands don’t meet our needs. God will always be there to meet them. You girls (all of Bright Lights) are such a gift and encouragement to stay strong in the Lord in the midst of any situation single or married. Thank you for your examples. And draw close today.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this, Grace! I LOVE that quote! It perfectly sums up the kind of woman I want to be (the #1 reason I want my future husband to give for why he wants to marry me is that I am totally in love with the LORD!).
    With much love and blessings to you all~

  12. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that quote before, but it sure is a great on…and one that I will want to remember. Thanks for sharing it…and pairing it with the lovely pic. Abby took. Thanks, Abby!

    Hannah Ruth

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