Month: March 2009

Homeschool Conferences

Nebraska Home School Conference

Karissa, Alexandra, and Nickie working at the booth

The home school conference season has begun….! We just arrived home from Lincoln, Nebraska where four of us girls set up a booth at the NE home school conference. One of our main goals for the trip was to get the word out about the upcoming Bright Lights conference in Nebraska. Everything went smoothly and it was a very good trip.

Radiant Purity Conferences/Strong in the Lord Conf.

Upcoming Bright Lights Conferences in Omaha!

We are excited to announce our next Strong in the Lord and Radiant Purity Conferences scheduled for April 14-18th — only 3 weeks away!


Click here to view flyer / registration form.

See our schedule page for more info.

To see pictures and reports from previous conferences, click here or here! If you can’t make it to the conference, we’d so appreciate it if you would keep us–and the attendees–in your prayers!

Witnessing Stories

Witnessing Adventures in Los Angeles

Last week I flew to LA for a 3-day evangelism course with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s ministry — The Way of the Master.
It’s called the Ambassador’s Academy. It was truly an amazing experience for me. and I couldn’t recommend it more strongly for anyone who wants to be equipped in learning to share their faith.

img_1130 The first day was an intense (and wonderfully rich!) time of training from Living Waters Staff. Over the weekend we heard from Toni Miano, Ray Comfort, Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne, Stuart “Scotty” Scott, Mark Spence, and Kirk Cameron…

img_1228 Here was our group doing open air preaching in Hollywood. Wow–what an experience! It was like a zoo!

03130900051 We often used trivia questions to draw a crowd and then shared the gospel. I admit, I never seriously pictured myself doing this. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s true– you can speak to more unsaved people during one open-air session then you may reach in a whole year if you simply try to invite people to various church evangelistic events. It’s certainly a Biblical approach as Jesus, Paul, Peter, and many others preached in the open air… and it still works today. Also, it seems that people are especially curious to know what young people have to say. And with trivia questions, illustrations, etc. it’s not as difficult as we may imagine.


“Prayer is not a preparation for work, it is the work. Prayer is not preparation for the battle, it is the battle” -Oswald Chambers

img_1280 Open air preaching at Hunington Beach.

n1089054404_150388_7453759 This was an exciting conversation. These girls understood that they were lost sinners and were anxious to know the way to be saved. We had a long talk and they left with enthusiasm. It was very encouraging.

img_1285 There were fifty in our class. It was so refreshing to be around fifty other people with a passion to win the lost. The fellowship was wonderful.

If you are not familiar with the Way of the Master ministry, definately check it out. The Lord has used their organization so much to equip and teach me.

Click here to visit the Ambassador’s Alliance Website. Ambassador Academy classes are held approximately once a month.

Miscellaneous/Witnessing Stories

St. Patrick’s Day Parade


St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! We have found that St. Patick’s Day parades are a great place to get the gospel out to thousands of people. Few know the true history of St. Patrick — he was actually a great missionary to Ireland. We printed up a little green tract that explains the story of who he really was and what he really preached. Each year, together with the help of friends, we walk up and down the streets passing out the tracts and telling people it’s the, “…history of Saint Patick!” People smile and take them like candy. People like history. They’re interested! Afterwards we always go out for hot chocolate and a snack.

Click here or here for St Patrick’s Day reports from previous years.

If you live in or near a town that does a parade on the 17th, I’d strongly recommend you do the same thing! You are welcome to use our tracts! (link below) Even if you can’t go to a parade, this is a great week to be passing out the tract wherever you go.
Click here to view tract

Note: The tract is a PDF file and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. Click here to download a free version of Adobe Reader.

Bright Lights Internship

Restful Break

A few weeks ago at church I was thinking, “It would be really nice if we could do something fun with the Bright Lights interns. They’ve been working so hard.”
About 10 minutes later a lady from our church came up to Sarah and said, “I thought it might be nice for you and Grace and the Internship girls to do something fun together. Would you like to take a little trip and stay in our condo in Galena?”

We just arrived home from the wonderful little 2-day “retreat” in the cute historic town of Galena, Illinois. The shopping was fun, the food was delicious, and the weather was unbelievably nice for this time of year. But we all agreed that the highlight of the trip was the good discussions we got into about the Lord.

Another big highlight of the trip was the witnessing opportunities the Lord opened. We were able to share the gospel several times.

The Lord is so good. Just the fact that He saved us and gives us life and breath is amazing, but He continues to bless us with undeserved gifts.
“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights…” James 1:17

Bright Lights Internship

Thoughts on Discipleship

This morning my dad shared with the internship girls some principles of discipleship. He shared how when you are discipling someone, it’s imporant for it to be “hands on!” Do ministry together. Do evangelism together. Take them with you. Thatโ€™s what Jesus did with His disciples.
It’s also important to remember that it’s hard to bring someone further spiritually than you’ve come yourself. (Another reason to be growing in the Lord!)