Radiant Purity Conferences/Strong in the Lord Conf.

Upcoming Bright Lights Conferences in Omaha!

We are excited to announce our next Strong in the Lord and Radiant Purity Conferences scheduled for April 14-18th — only 3 weeks away!


Click here to view flyer / registration form.

See our schedule page for more info.

To see pictures and reports from previous conferences, click here or here! If you can’t make it to the conference, we’d so appreciate it if you would keep us–and the attendees–in your prayers!


  1. Hello Grace!
    Hopefully and prayerfully we’ll be able to sign up soon!
    Thanks for posting the flyer!

    Joyfully In Jesus,

  2. Oh, that is so cool! Nebraska is near to my heart because I have relatives there! I hope that the conference will go well!


  3. For the past month or so I have been specifically praying for the two conferences in Omaha, for the leaders and the families that will be attending…its going to be a blessing!

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