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Witnessing Workshop, Dallas

Attending a “witnessing workshop” is not in most people’s comfort zone. And attending a witnessing workshop where everyone goes out witnessing at local “modern-day market places” that afternoon is about a mile out of most people’s comfort zone.

Evangelism is not a topic that appeals to our flesh. Far from a “clean family comedy” event, this event was more like planning “war strategies” – (war against lies and deception) … planning strategies that scare us because we know WE are the ones to be carrying them out… that very day.

Therefore, it’s a miracle from beginning to end for this conference to be a success.

We prayed that the Lord would bring those He wanted. Registrations were coming in very slowly. But they did come in, and the little church was filled with an energetic joy. Some emphasized to me, “We knew God wanted us here.” One family from Florida heard about the conference, found a great airline deal, and had their airline tickets bought–all in a 3-hour time frame. Wow – praise the Lord!

IMG_7262 We were extremely encouraged by how we saw the Lord at work. We were thrilled that Dr. Jason Lisle was available to come and share two sessions. His talks on apologetics were fantastic. It was fun to see the audience captivated: laughing, learning, and asking questions.

DSC00551 I’ve heard Dr. Martin speak many, many times, but I think this was my very favorite. He shared practical advice on using tools (such as “Creation cards”) to engage the lost in conversation, and how to rejoice in rejection (Luke 6:22-23). He also shared a wealth of Biblical teaching on evangelism. Dr Martin speaks from much experience. Any who know the Martin family know that their whole lives are spent talking to people about the Lord Jesus!

DSC00620Questions and Answers with Dr. Jason Lisle and Dr. Jobe Martin

IMG_7278 One pressure that was weighing on me as we were planning the conference was Where are we going to send everyone to witness when we go out Saturday afternoon? Since I’m not from Dallas, I wasn’t sure which locations were best. But the Lord provided in a wonderful way: Mr. Noland, not knowing about this need, came over to the church a day before the conference (while Sarah was teaching the Bright Lights Leader’s Training that his daughter was attending). When he learned of this need, he offered to help, and he picked out five good locations for witnessing. Not only that, he also printed maps to each location. What a relief this was to me and my dad as we were using every minute we could to finish planning everything else!

IMG_7287 Around 4pm Saturday afternoon we divided into about 5 father-led teams of about 20 per team.

DSC00643 After a couple of hours we came back to the church to share stories of what we saw God do!

Often we’re afraid to witness because we leave God out of the equation. We forget that the miracle-working God is alive and strong! But when we step out in obedience to tell people about Jesus, asking Him to give opportunities, what do you think He does? He answers those prayers big time! That doesn’t mean everyone we share with falls on their knees repenting (He’s already told us that won’t be the case). But we see HIM blessing our efforts, arranging conversations, and working in lives…

Many who attended the witnessing conference had not done evangelism in this form before (in public places, shopping areas, etc.) and I was praying they’d have a good first experience. Praise God, we heard story after story of wonderful conversations that the Lord arranged.

We had over 100 people out there sharing the gospel! Who knows how many unbelievers had a positive face-to-face loving encounter with a Christian about spiritual matters that afternoon?! What an encouraging thought that is. Just two hours with a group of 100 believers scattered around Dallas and so much can be accomplished!

IMG_7309 I believe hearing these stories was a highlight for everyone.

When young people get on fire for witnessing, what an awesome path they have ahead. As they use their youth to do the most important work in the universe, they actually have more fulfillment and more excitement than all others. It’s a much richer life living for the One who died for us. And they’re an example to the believers (1 Tim 4:12). One friend of mine, Charis, 14, told me of a conversation she had with some other junior high girls about “what happens when we die.” Charis’ dad told me he was shocked by her boldness. I was so encouraged by her courage and growth!

IMG_7366 As stories were told, Sarah and I wrote down a summary of each story shared on the whiteboard so we could remember to keep praying for those we talked to.

IMG_7329 Abby sharing about a witnessing conversation

IMG_7255 We’re extremely grateful to Lalo for all he arranged to make this conference happen. He has been a wonderful friend to our family, along with Dara and their adorable children.


  1. Wow, Grace. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about witnessing recently. And when I read this, I realized that I really need to start thinking about it again. The reason behind it- you wrote about a girl named Charis who is 14. That description fits me as well. ? Maybe it’s God’s way of saying “Hey, I want you to do my work in other ways other than what you’re already doing! Some years back, you came to Malaysia, and I was really inspired by y’all. But I got discouraged quickly because it’s so tough. It’s illegal to share Christ with the wrong people here.

  2. You all are so wonderful. You are such a blessing to our family. We have been praying for you all. I attended the Radiant Purity conference with my two daughters. We loved every minute of it!
    Your Witnessing Workshop post is so encouraging. We have been passing out tracts for a couple of years. Please pray for us , that we will be bold enough to talk with people. Do you have any of the Witnessing Workshop on DVD or CD?
    Thank you Grace!

  3. Hi Charis, great to hear from you. I know (from first hand experience!) how it’s hard in Malaysia … Yet when the Lord calls He enables and He is the One doing the work. I will pray for you. Thank you for keeping in touch! Hope to see you again / witness with you again sometime, Charis!

    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your encouragement! We do not yet have the Witnessing Workshop on DVD or CD. However, a lot of the content that we shared comes from the “Will Our Generation Speak?” book and study guide.

    You can listen to some of Dr. Jason Lisle’s messages on Sermon Audio here: http://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?SpeakerOnly=true&currSection=sermonsspeaker&Keyword=Jason%5ELisle

    And you can listen to some of Dr. Jobe Martin’s messages on sermon audio here: http://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?speakeronly=true&currsection=sermonsspeaker&keyword=Jobe_Martin

    That’s great that your family has been passing out tracts for a couple of years now! Please I will pray for you for boldness in talking with people. “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it” 1 Thess 5:24

  4. Hi!
    Okay, so, this doesn’t really fit with what the post is about. By the way, the post is awesome. 🙂
    I’m saving up to bring Bibles to people in out-of-state places. I’m not bringing them myself, though; so far, God has brought me messengers to bring His Word to where it is not known. He has put Mexico on my heart as one of the places to send the Bibles. I know your family has been to Mexico before and talked to missionary families down there. Do you happen to still be in contact with any of these families………?
    Thank you so much, Grace!

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