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Walking the path in the snow

Yea! Another Iowa blizzard! I’m happy about the foot of snow we just got.
Wow! What would I do without a dad and brother to shovel our path?!

I’ll explain the purpose of our path for those of you who don’t know. Our family has 2 houses back to back, with a path connecting them. We kind of live in both houses. We usually sleep and eat at the “new house” but spend most of the day working at our “old house.” (I know, creative names.) When people come over to volunteer for Bright Lights, they join us at the old house where we have all of our computers and office equipment set up. We bought our new house about 3 years ago out of a desperate need for space and it has been perfect. It was a neat story how the Lord provided it, and we are so grateful to Him. Maybe I’ll post more of that story later.

The back of our old house. (My dad made this trellis in between the 2 yards.)


  1. It’s Beautiful! We got a lot of snow to! So much that we got stuck in the end of our driveway! I also was wondering if could put the new confrence schudal in the Bright Light websit. If you have a confrence in MI. this year agian I will see you there! Love in christ Lydia.

  2. Hey, Grace!

    Neat pictures but, whew, I’m glad we don’t live up there! I’m sure my mom would, though…she misses it in the fall and claims we don’t have fall here. Actually, it’s true: we have summer, December, January, and some of February!

    Love you!

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