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Coloring Book

Sometimes life seems to be a series of unfinished projects. One unfinished project that we’ve had on our list for a while is a coloring book to go along with our book, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. A few weeks ago, Sarah and I decided to tackle this project so we could have it done for Homeschool Conferences this spring. It’s been going well.

After picking out the pictures we wanted to include, we needed to modify some of them to make them easier to color.

Editing pictures on my dad’s Tablet PC–the wondeful tool my dad has used for the pictures in both of our books and in Bright Lights materials.

Sarah working in her “office” (which is actually her old bedroom).


  1. Wow Grace! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! A coloring book sounds really neat and now I actually know what that “machine” looks like! 😀 It was also interesting to see how your dad actually did the drawings! Does he normally do drawing?

  2. That is neat! I can’t wait to see the coloring book! The book is wonderful!

    By the way Grace, would you please visit my blog ( The post from February 7th is specifically what I want you to see. 🙂

  3. Kaila,
    We are hoping to have the coloring book done before Homeschool Conferences start this spring. I went to your blog! I like all the cute pictures and the way you direct the focus to the Lord, encouraging others to live for Him. Keep up the good work!
    In His Love, Grace

  4. What a delight it is to have found your family’s blog! I will definitely be stopping back!
    May the Lord richly bless you and your family and your ministry!

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