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Stephen’s Sermon

Stephen spoke this morning at church on the book of Jude. He had lots of insights and I thought he did a great job. (Instead of having a pastor at our church, we have multiple elders. Different men take turns preaching the sermons.)

Jude warns us that there are men who seek to lead the church astray with false teaching, and his main emphasis is that we should “earnestly contend for the faith.” That means that we need to be diligent about defending Biblical truth.


  1. Sounds like it was a great sermon. Being diligent about defending Biblical truth is something something that all Christians need to be reminded of daily, including myself. 🙂

  2. It sounds like it was a good sermon! (Now I’ll have to read the book of Jude!)By the way, when will the new Bright Lights conference schedule come out?

  3. Emily,
    We actually don’t know when our schedule for 2008 will be posted on our website. We are hoping to put it up soon, but we are still making plans and waiting for confirmations from various people. The cities we are currently hoping to do Bright Lights conferences in are:
    Bemidji, MN,
    Kanas City, KS,
    Lansing, MI,
    South Dakota,
    Atlanta, GA,
    Cleawater, FL, and possibly Indianapolis.

    Regarding Homeschool Conferenes, we are planning to be at the following states:
    Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Florida, Kansas, Texas, and Illinois.

    I know the places without the dates aren’t too helpful…but I figured it’s better than nothing for now. 🙂

    God bless–


  4. This message is for Sarah!
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! I had a brother that shared the same birthdate.
    So sorry we missed it. We were terribly busy with the FL campaign, even though the primary was the 29th, there was much clean up to do, etc. Then Heather’s birthday was Feb. 7th (she’s 17 now & Allison’s was Jan. 5th), so it seems there hasn’t been a break to catch up! Now I’m just trying to catch up on housework and school stuff. But just want you to know we’re thinking about you guys.
    As always thank you for your lives that shine so bright for our Lord! God Bless You!!!
    PS- I’m so glad to see that FL is possibly on your calendar for this year!!!!

  5. Hello Grace!
    I have just come across your blog and wanted to say hello! I have read your sister’s book “Before you meet Prince Charming” and was so greatly encouraged by it, and I had no idea you had a blog. I enjoyed looking over your past posts and reading a little about your lives… praise the Lord for what He is doing through you all.
    May God bless the work you are doing and encourage your hearts is this ministry.

  6. Dear Hannah,
    Yes- I forgot to mention about overseas! We are planning to go back to Singapore and Malaysia and this time do about 3 Bright Lights conferences there. We will be gone for most of the month of September.

    Ps 84

  7. I see you are hoping to do a conference in Lansing, Mi. Put us in contact with the person sponsoring it and we will help promote it. Also anything we could do to help you at the homeschool conference(s) in MI. we will be glad to do.

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