Guests from the Other Side of the World


About twice a year, a group of engineers from China come to our town to work on projects for Rockwell. Usually it is a different group of people each time.

A good friend of ours, Sam, (who grew up in Taiwan) hosts these Chinese visitors while they are in the States. Sam drives them around town, takes them shopping, and frequently entertains them in his home. Every time a group comes, Sam also brings them to our house for a meal and to hear the harps. We always have a good time and are very grateful for this opportunity to have these Chinese people into our home! We look at it this way: We can’t be in China right now, but God can bring China to us!

A few nights ago was one of those special evenings where China came to us. πŸ™‚
My dad explaining a passage of Scripture to our guests while Sam translates and expounds on what my dad said.
The evening was full of picture-taking, exchanging gifts, delicious food (thanks to Sam and his wife, Shirland, who are great cooks!) lots of smiles, laughter, and relaxed conversation.


  1. That’s really neat Grace, and great thought: “We can’t be in China right now, God can bring China to us!” I’ve often felt a burden for and interest in middle eastern people and I may never get out there, but I saw two Muslim ladies in Wal-Mart last year! Especially in America, we do have SO much opportunity for missionary work. Thanks for sharing the pictures too, it looked like a lovely time!

  2. That must have been a really neat time, especially spending time with people from a different country/culture. πŸ™‚

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