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Unloading A Shipment of “Before You Meet Prince Charming”


Sarah recently printed more copies of her book, Before You Meet Prince Charming (now slightly revised) and a semi truck came and delivered some of the shipment – about 100 boxes – this afternoon. Usually Stephen and my Dad round up a group of guys to unload the boxes when book shipments come. Today, since no one else was available, Sarah and I got the privilege. It wasn’t too bad, though…it was actually kind of fun. Kind of. At least the temperature wasn’t 20 below like it was yesterday!




  1. “Sarah and I got the privilege. It wasn’t too bad, though…it was actually kind of fun. Kind of.”

    That’s how I feel about having to fill the wood-box when my brothers are gone. 🙂

  2. Sounds like fun. 🙂 We actually moved about 300 boxes of cups and wax (lunch-size) bags yesterday that a company donated to our church. Us 5 older kids, my Dad, our Pastor, one of his sons, and another guy from the church took 3 trailors to go pick them up. We’re sore today, but it was fun even though it was cold (20 degrees or so) and we all got filthy from the warehouse they were in.

  3. Grace, how is this shipment slightly revised? Did Miss Sarah add more to the book?
    Kaila from Wisconson

  4. Kaila,
    Sarah added a couple of pages in chapter one defining purity and radiant purity, she made slight changes in the manuscript, and added a few pages at the end about our conferences. She also replaced the picture on the back.
    That’s about it. No drastic changes or anything. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  5. We have a science class every other week and there is a pregnecy center there, someone donated a truck load of dipers and wieps, we were selected to carry them all into the building. Oh my they were heavy!
    But inspite of that it was fun!

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