Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for the pallet of materials we shipped to Singapore for the Bright Lights conferences. It is currently being held up by Singapore Customs. Singapore has special rules for DVDs and they have rejected our shipment due to the DVDs we have on the pallet. If Customs rejects the DVDs they will ship the entire pallet back to us.


  1. We will all be praying for the materials to go through customs safely, and all your needed materials will arrive on time for the conferences. Maybe God will use this hold up on the shipment so customs workers can hear the Gospel through the materials/DVDs on the pallet. 🙂
    Please keep us updated!!

  2. I pray that their hearts may be changed and your stuff gets where you need it, but if that is not God’s will, may he give you wisdom on what to do next :)!

  3. I will be praying that all the details get worked out! Praying God’s blessings on your ministry!

  4. I am praying that the pallets are accepted. Remember, that the Lord has a specific reason for this situation- He will work it out for good!

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