Moose, Porcupine, and Witnessing!

Thank you for all of your prayers today for our materials in Singapore. Currently Customs is closed for the weekend. We will let you know what we learn on Monday.

The “Strong in the Lord” Conference started tonight and ends tomorrow at 6pm. I will be posting a report about it soon. For now, here are a few reports from the week.

Wednesday our team went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and saw moose, grizzly bears, elk, bison, lynx, etc. We had a nice time watching them and trying to get them to socialize (i.e. come closer so we could see them better).

A moose

Of all the animals the porcupine was definitely the most excited to see us….

Wednesday evening Jessica Vassar (left) asked if we could go witnessing. So she, her sister Gabby (right) and I went to a local coffee shop in search of someone to share the gospel with.

After a few minutes of trying to figure out who to talk to and how to start the conversation, we decided to do our own little Halloween questionnaire, asking questions such as, “What do you think happens when someone dies?” This helped us get a conversation started with two high school girls which went pretty well.

Then we began talking with a girl who was sitting by herself. It became evident very quickly that she was a believer, and when I gave her Living Waters’ “Good Person Comic” tract, she said that she had been wanting more of those to use in witnessing but didn’t know where to order them! So I gave her a stack. [smile]. We talked for a while and found we were like-minded in many ways. We were very encouraged by this conversation and by the way the Lord arranged that.

The girls in the Bright Lights group here wanted to do a witnessing outreach with our group while we were here. We decided to go witnessing door to door on Halloween, giving little “gift baggies” (instead of taking candy) and sharing the gospel by using our our little Halloween questionnaire. We divided into 7 teams and reached about 100 houses. We were surprised by people’s receptiveness and had many good conversations! Before we froze entirely [smile], we all piled in vehicles and gathered at a nearby home for hot chocolate and sharing reports (pictured above). It was a very special evening I don’t think I will ever forget!


  1. Sounds like you’re having a fruitful, thrilling trip. I like the picture of the moose. I actually think the porcupine is cute.

    You get to be in Alaska in the cold weather. Lucky girls. Or rather, so fortunate girls.
    I like the cold, and Alaska is one of my favorite states of interest.

    May God guide and bless the rest of your trip.

    Rebecca K.

  2. Dear Miss Grace
    I was at the strong in the lord conference and I was just wondering how to contact you and your family?

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