Radiant Purity Conferences

Radiant Purity Conference, Chugiak, Alaska

Here are a few more pictures from the conference! We really appreciated the hospitality of the Crossings church where the conference was held.

Since we flew here, we couldn’t bring a harp or easel. But the families here found both! The Lord provides. [smile]

One major challenge about this conference was that my brother Stephen was not here to run sound. Although Stephen thoroughly trained us in how to use our smaller easy-to-transport soundboard before we left, I think we were all a bit surprised at how difficult it was without having him there to fix all the little issues that arise. Thankfully, yesterday we found a good price on tickets so he is flying here tomorrow to help with the next conference. (We are very, VERY happy about that. [smile] )

As we were sharing reports over dinner after the conference, there was the usual combination of tears, laughter, and thankful reflection. Many of the attendees indicated that they were planning to go home and do a better job being open with their parents. We pray they follow through with their decision.

The last few days since the conference we’ve been enjoying a combination of many Alaskan activities which I’ll write about soon.


  1. I just love hearing little answers to prayer… so neat about the harp and easel! I look forward to hearing more about your trip. =)

  2. Thanks for the update, Grace! =) I’m so glad that Radiant Purity went well…what a blessing that the Lord worked out all of those details, like the harp & easel…so encouraging to hear your thoughts and see the pictures. Blessings! =)

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