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University of Iowa / Halloween Evangelism

Here is the team who joined us to share the gospel at the University of Iowa a few days ago. Or rather, we joined Brad, who is there consistently on Wednesday afternoons.

I was encouraged to hear of many good conversations. Chuck (who was with us for the first time) had a lengthy conversation with a girl who welled up in tears a few times, seeking true answers.

Another girl told me that she had stopped going to church. She said it was never real to her. But it was clear in her eyes that she was wanting it to be real to her.

Praise the Lord for the way He brings people to us who are hungry to know His answers and His grace.

Here is the questionnaire I was using to start conversations. If any of you will be at public places or events tonight where you can share the gospel, you may want to try using this questionnaire!

1) Which of these four things is most destructive?

a) nuclear bomb
b) sin
c) disease
d) earthquake

2) Is there a cure or solution for these things? What is it?

3) Do you believe in ghosts?

4) Do you believe in God?

5) What do you think happens when someone dies?

6) How can sinners be reconciled to God?

Sarah did the same thing, but just used questions 3-5 to get conversations started.

I’d also recommend checking out this Halloween tract that our family put together last year. It’s a series of verses.

If you don’t have plans to do anything tonight, I would recommend you take advantage of this night to share the gospel! One idea I have seen work well is to go door to door giving nice quality chocolate and tracts (instead of taking candy) and do the questionnaire above with them if they’re willing. It’s a great time to do door to door evangelism, because people are already expecting visitors. When we give instead of take, it surprises them. See blog post about that here.


  1. Going door to door on Halloween sounds a little scary to me! But maybe that’s a sign of comfort zones that need stretching. We usually just give candy and tracts to the kids who come to our door. We didn’t get very many this year, but Lord willing the ones who came will be touched by the tracts.

  2. Very good ideas, Grace. Unfortunately, I saw this a little too late, but I did run off the “Halloween Tract” from last year and used it some this year – I like it! You are faithful to encourage others to get out there and evangelize! Thanks!

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