Tract Organization Process :)


Today I have been organizing several boxes of tracts and I have been thinking about how grateful I am for all the young people God has raised up to get them out … into the hands of a world that really needs them! A while back, we started putting “witnessing packets” together for our book table at Bright Lights conferences, and I have been very pleased with how popular the packets have been! (They are a combination of sample tracts and materials to get people started in witnessing.) Also, local young people have distributed a lot of tracts at the University of Iowa over the fall months … so we have been making many purchases from Living Waters! [smile] Yay! But it’s encouraging to remember that now, not just in Iowa, but in all the cities and countries we have been to recently, young people are excited about witnessing and gospel tracts.

Soon I will be posting a few things about what I learned at the Bible retreat, about our recent trip to the Creation Museum to return a dinosaur, and a few more highlights from our overseas trip!


  1. Return a dinosaur? You have me curious!

    It’s so good to hear about other young people who want to witness. I hope you continue to make lots of tract orders!

  2. I am, thank you guys so very much for the Generation book. I love it so much, I am in the process of sharing it with my friends.


  3. Hello Grace!

    I was curious – which of the Living Water tracts do you “like the best” or would recommend? We have used the million dollar ones and people will pick them up very fast! 🙂


  4. Hi Rachel! My favorite is the “Good Person Comic.” It’s simple, clear, and people really like it! But the million dollar ones can be great conversation starters also…. saying “there’s a million dollar quesiton on the back” and have them read it and answer. God bless you- keep sharing the gospel!!

  5. Thank you for answering my question, Grace! 🙂 I’ll check it out.


    Romans 11:33-36

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