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Goodbye Dinosaur! :(

20110516_144445_7447 For over two years we have had this um … cute little dinosaur in our bookstore.

20110516_145050_7449 He made a great display, and, side by side with our model Noah’s Ark, we felt like we owned a mini-Creation Museum, right in our own bookstore! Well, not exactly. But anyway, our personal little museum is now down to only one piece, because it was time to return the dino to the Creation Museum.

Though we were sad to see our dinosaur leave, it did provide a nice excuse to make another trip to the the Creation Museum!

“If we’re going, I think we should bring a group!” my dad said.

The Lord pulled together a group to come with us in a sort of miraculous way (through my dad “randomly” bumping into a friend at the store!) and we had a terrific trip.

20121228_163306_19488 Most of the group sat in front of the dinosaur …

…and Nolia and I had a unique experience with the dinosaur in the back. It was a bit tight, but we had fun. (Right Nolia? [smile])

20121228_190028_20292 This is just a tiny fraction of one of the pathways. The whole Museum grounds were lit beautifully (as it is every December). For more pictures see here.

20121228_192245_19492 The best part of Christmastown was how the gospel saturated the presentations, especially the presentation by the “archaeologists”, as pictured here. Thousands of unbelievers from the community come to see Christmastown at the Creation Museum and then hear the gospel.

I was volunteering nearby as a greeter, so I got to hear the message about twelve times [smile], which was fun, esp. since both of the archaeologists were friends from the times we have helped with the NEA outreach.

After one of the presentations, my friend Grace Ramsek and I began talking with two girls who didn’t have a good grasp on the gospel. Their youth pastor observed our conversation and expressed how much he appreciated that we talked with them. He explained that many of the girls from his inner-city youth group were there at Christmastown that night.
“I pray for them so much,” he explained, expressing that they had a lot of needs.

I offered to talk with the rest of his group, and this evolved into a little gospel sharing time with about ten of them which lasted, maybe, 30 minutes. We praised the Lord for allowing this opportunity. (We were praying that he would provide someone to witness to!) And we pray that the Lord continues to work in their lives.

20121228_220537_19496 The Ramsek family was very hospitable to host all ten of us! Here we are in the middle of a great discussion, sharing ministry reports and talking about evangelism and many other topics.

20121229_083348_19504 The adventures of traveling down a steep snowy driveway with a big van.

20121229_132847_19511 The Creation Museum has a fantastic new display about “Lucy”. They created a model of what Lucy likely looked like.

20121229_133124_19518 Underneath the display are many pictures that people have drawn of what they think Lucy looked like, based on their imagination. They make her look somewhat human by drawing white around her eyeballs (something no apes actually have) and giving her human shape and expressions … but it’s really all a big hoax. Lucy was just an ape.


So if you haven’t been to the Creation Museum yet, you must go … and if you haven’t been to the Creation Museum for Christmas Town yet, I highly recommend putting it in your schedule for next December!


  1. Oh Grace! Now you have made me really, really, really want to go to the Creation Museum! One day I’ll make it to the US, you, and the Creation Museum. πŸ˜€

  2. I remember that Dinosaur! Often, while listening to teaching DVDs during the internship, I would study it to stay awake. πŸ™‚

    I would love to make it to the Creation Museum at Christmas time. But traveling from WA is not very expedient.

    What did you put in place of it at the store?

    God Bless you all!

  3. Melodie: Thanks for the great internship advertisement, haha! πŸ™‚ Right now there is nothing replacing the dinosaur, but we’ll have to come up with something to place on our little rock stand!

    Sarah: Nice to hear from you–and yes, one day hopefully you will be able to make it to the US!

  4. β€œIf we’re going, I think we should bring a group!”

    I like the way your dad thinks. πŸ™‚

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