Strong in the Lord Conf.

The Beginning of a Great Trip!

After about 17 hours on the road, our “Bright Lights Team” is still looking cheerful as we arrive in Bristol, Virginia. We were very encouraged about how God put this team together. We’ve already had a lot of good talks and good times together.

The first two conferences will be held at this church here in Virginia.

Today was spent unloading, setting up, practicing music, practicing skits, entering last minute registrations into our database, and organizing countless details… Everyone has a different area that they are in charge of. For example, Abigail and Tia put up signs all over the church indicating where each “small group” will be held. They did a terrific job. Here’s a little glimpse of their afternoon….
IMG_4261 “How should we arrange these signs so the girls can find their small group rooms easily?” “Should we put it there?”

IMG_4260 “Or should we put it here?”

IMG_4259 “Oh, this is so confusing!”


  1. Wish I was with you!!! I’m praying for you all. May the Lord greatly bless everyone that attends the conferences! (And all of the leaders and staff, too!) See you in Ohio.

  2. We just returned last night from the Bristol ‘Strong in the Lord’ conference. We were ALL incredibly blessed! My girls are planning on starting a Bright Lights group this fall! (We’re hoping we’ll be able to attend your Leadership conference in October.) Thank you to everyone at Bright Lights for all your hard work! God bless you all!

  3. Praying for you all! I am so excited for what the Lord has in store!!! May He pour out His grace, joy, and strength upon you as you seek and serve Him in the coming days!

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