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Sarah’s Birthday + John 1 + Isaiah 40

We had a nice family time at Kava House in Swisher this morning for Sarah’s birthday!

After some nice family discussion, my dad shared some insights from John 1 that he has been enjoying. I’ll try to restate his thoughts:

After John denied that he was the Messiah or Elijah, he explained who he was: the very one Isaiah 40:3 was talking about. That must have been amazing for his audience to hear. The man standing before them was the one about whom Isaiah prophesied! Wow. They were seeing prophecy being fulfilled before their eyes. However, what John the Baptist said NEXT made his previous statement pale in comparison. He said, “AMONG YOU STANDS ONE you do not know, even He who comes after me, the strap of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie” (John 1:26).

Whoa! If the crowd listening was familiar with Isaiah 40 (and I’m guessing many were) they should have connected the dots, and realized that John the Baptist was talking about Jehovah, the I AM described in Isaiah 40. If they were understanding John the Baptist correctly, it should have registered in their minds that he was saying, “The Messiah is alive today in Israel! The One that ‘the voice calling in the wilderness’ from Isaiah 40:3 was called to introduce is here! He stands among you now!”

“It’s kind of like ‘Aslan is on the move,’” Stephen commented.

And if they remembered any of the amazing descriptions of this Coming One that Isaiah 40 gives they would have been even more in awe. Although John’s listeners didn’t catch on at that time to the implications of what he was saying, praise God WE can read John 1 and Isaiah 40 with understanding.

John the Baptist was a phenomenon that Israel hadn’t seen in 400 years. An angel announced his birth. His life’s work was prophesied. He was filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb (Luke 1:15). Even Jesus spoke high compliments for him (Luke 7:28). Yet all of John the Baptist’s credentials merely elevate Jesus because John said he was not worthy to even untie the strap of Jesus’ sandal.

Anyway, there are few things better than a good Bible discussion with family at a coffee shop on a cold January morning.


  1. I like the correlation to “Aslan is on the move.” It makes it easier for me to understand.

    I just finished reading “Before You Meet Prince Charming” as a preview for my daughter. I liked Sarah’s perspective so much that I looked her, and by extension your family, up. To my surprise, I found that you are based in Cedar Rapids! For the last few months our family has been planning to move there from California, so I was excited to visit your store and meet you all. The Lord closed that door, though, so I guess we will just have to meet in heaven.

    I appreciate your family’s ministry to families. I’m looking forward to following you through your blog. God Bless.

  2. Encouraging insights from God’s Word, and your comments prove that you “get it”. I am constantly blessed by the thought that in the church age after Jesus Christ had died, arose, and ascended in His glory, we have the Holy Spirit constantly unveiling our spiritual eyes to see things, which were unknown to those who literally heard and saw it. We are privileged to know and understand things that even the angels cannot ponder in God’s great plan! How special we must be to our merciful and gracious God and His Son!
    Funny that you would speak about Sarah’s birthday (tell Sarah I said Happy Be-lated, birthday) because your family made a huge impact on me 18 years ago. I was just thinking about this on my own birthday a couple of weeks ago – February 6. Your family came to Bear Lake Bible Chapel on the night I was celebrating my 40th Birthday and afterward, you gave me the memorable gift of playing “Happy Birthday” to me on your harp. Do you even vaguely remember that? I will never forget that evening! Thanks so much again! Many blessings to your father, mother, Sarah, Stephen, and yourself! I’ll keep you all in my prayers! Keep in touch!

    1. Hello Mr. Brown, It was great to hear from you and we do remember you! Wow–it has been such a long time. I personally don’t remember playing “Happy Birthday” but we do remember the encouragement you were to our family. I passed on your greeting to my family. I liked your comments about how the Holy Spirit continuously reveals spiritual truths to us so that we can rejoice and rest in the Lord. Thank you for your prayers!

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