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Pictures of Cedar Rapids Flooding

Stephen got up at 3:30am to go downtown take pictures of the flooding and he’s been there all day. He just called and told us that his pictures were up. Click here to see pictures of the flooding (some of which are Stephen’s).


  1. Wow
    Congrats to Stephen for getting pictures on the NY Times website. The pictures reflect his skill as a photographer!
    The lead picture is especially incredible.
    However, so sorry about the flooding. All those affected will be in our prayers.
    Thanks for updating your info. Since I know you all are ok, I’ll call later when things are more normal.
    Also enjoyed reading about what you all have been doing in recent months. Very cool!
    Talk with you soon!

  2. Hey guys… are you there? Please let us know you’re ok. You’re in our prayers.
    We Love You,
    The Osbornes
    Randy, Ann, Heather & Allison

  3. Oh, I trust you are ok. I didn’t realize today was the 14th! I was thinking today was the 16th- and thought it had been several days since you posted. Anyway, still let us know you’re ok & you’re still in our prayers.
    The Osbornes
    Ocala, FL

  4. Hi Grace,

    We can’t imagine what you’re going through with all the flooding. We’re praying for you!

    That is SO amazing that Stephen is shooting pictures for the New York Times!!!

    Love in Christ,

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