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One-On-One Discipleship Tool

Have you ever noticed how meaningful a good, edifying one-on-one conversation can be? Although discipleship groups or classes can be great, there is much value in the individualized attention received when someone is discipled one-on-one. With this in mind, Sarah developed a one-on-one discipleship program to use within our Bright Lights group. The older girls went through it with the younger girls and both were strengthened and encouraged. We’re excited to announce that it’s now available for others to use as well. (Thanks to graphic / layout work done by Sarah Smith and Nickie!) It’s called “4:12”, based on three theme discipleship verses: 1 Timothy 4:12, Ephesians 4:12 and Colossians 4:12. We have been very encouraged by the results we’ve seen each time we’ve used this material. It’s designed to help older girls or mothers spend one-on-one time with younger girls studying God’s Word, discussing important areas of life, committing to pray for each other, and holding each other accountable in Scripture memory and other disciplines and projects. For more information see our online store.

Click here to see pictures from the first time we did “4:12” last spring.


  1. Hey Grace!!
    I’m not sure if you remember me or not. I live in Georgia and you and your family stayed at our house about 3 years ago. I love reading your blog and just thought that I’d leave to a comment!!! You can email me if you want!!
    In Him,

  2. It’s so exciting to see this project completed, Grace! I pray that it will be a blessing to those who use it.

    And, my heartfelt thanks to whoever decided on purple as the border color. They have exquisite taste! LOL 🙂

  3. Hello Grace!
    What a wonderful new one-on-one discipleship project! The cover is lovely, as well!
    I am excited to see what the Lord does through these 4:12 booklets!

    Blessings, Grace!

  4. This looks absolutely fabulous.!
    In a week or 2 i will be starting this with an older girl in my Bright Lights Group.
    I pray that many girls would be encouraged through this new program.

  5. Kaitlyn: Of course I remember you 🙂 We had such a nice time at your house.
    Marie: We actually aren’t coming to NICHE this year…I know, it will be a little different not being there!

  6. This sounds like a good tool to use in the future. I have read through the booklet I got at the training conference several times since returning- and I like it a lot.
    Blessings to you 🙂
    ps~ Are ya’ll coming to INCH this year?

  7. Oh, we will miss you at NICHE! I was looking forward to seeing you, but, Lord willing, more opportunities still to come! I understand busy schedules, etc!
    Do you know when the schedule for the Bright Lights conferences will be on your website? Thanks!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  8. Hello Mallys!
    I just wanted to say that I think that your whole program is truly awesome and that I wish that I could have those kinds of opportunities.
    I have never met you, but I have read several of your books and they have helped me considerably in my walk with the Lord and my relationship with my family. My family could use some prayer right now, and I will definitely pray for this ministry.
    I live in Florida, but i wish I could meet you all and just soak in all of the wisdom and insight that you all have to offer. I know that you will anyway, but keep doing what you are doing! I feel so encouraged and inspired by your example.
    I am actually working on a presentation for a speech and debate tournament that i am in and I wanted to let you know that I am quoting some of the things that you have to say in the Before You Meet Prince Charming book. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
    In Christ,

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