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Leaders Training Report

IMG_5802Stephen and Sarah giving their “Credentials without College” Presentation. (About life purpose, developing a ministry mindset, and having a bigger vision for your life.)

Tomorrow is the last day of the leader’s training. The taping has been going pretty smoothly. We are grateful for all Stephen’s “recruits” who have come to help tape, and for the patience of all the girls attending the conference.

IMG_5820 Abby Kramer shared about what the Lord has taught her through leading her Bright Lights group in Minnesota. She came to a Leaders Training six years ago and has been leading a group for several years now. She had a lot of good insights to share.

Actually, Sarah has asked several Bright Lights leaders (mostly from this area) share a session, and each one has been very mearningful.

IMG_5791_01 Each morning my dad leads a Bible study (we call them “Wisdom Seaches”) with the group. One of my favorite mornings was when we talked about the story David and Goliath. We discussed what the “giants” are in our day. What are the giants in our country that are defying the living God? We need more Davids to fight the Lord’s battles and conquer these giants.

IMG_5795 There are not many activities that are as satisfying as studying the Word of God together and learning from each other’s insights.


  1. I’ve learned so much at the conference and I am so sad that it’s over! 🙁 Hopefully I will see ya’ll again at INCH in Lansing next May! God bless you!

  2. Abby was my bright lights leader at one of your radiant purity conferences I went to. I LOVED her. She is so sweet, and wise!
    Thanks for updating,

    Love…Tori L.

  3. Abby is my Bright Lights leader……She is so wonderful! Her whole group misses her and I personally can’t wait till she comes back and leads again! 🙂

  4. So glad to hear it went well! It looks like you had a wonderful time of fellowship and learning. It’s exciting to think that more Bright Lights groups will be starting soon!


  5. Looks like you all had a great time! I like the candid photos…especially of your dovotional times. 🙂 It is so cool to spend time studying the Scriptures with other like-minded young people.


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