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Bright Lights Leaders Training

IMG_5754_01Today was the first day of the Bright Lights Leader’s Training!

IMG_5756_01 We are trying to capture the training on video this time, so Stephen has been spending long hours preparing and setting up. He’s doing a great job.

We’d appreicate prayer about this project. It would so helpful to have this training available on dvd. (At the moment it’s only available in CD form.)

IMG_5761_01 Tonight we also had our normal Bright Lights meeting. The topic was on “Accepting the Way God Created You”, and Sarah emphasized the importance of not worrying what others are thinking of you but fearing God instead.

Pray for Sarah this week because teaching a five day conference gets tiring!


  1. Hi, Mally family,

    I just purchase your book Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends and am reading it to the children. Even though they get a long pretty well ( all six share a room) there are times when I feel like pulling my hair out. LOL. We are enjoying the book and I look forward to reading Before You Meet Prince Charming with my daughter in a few year.

    You all have a wonderful ministry. What a great example your family is to my children.

  2. Hello Grace!
    The Bright Lights Leader’s Training Conference looks like such a blessing and encouragement to so many young ladies! What a wonderful way to encourage younger girls in their faith!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  3. You said that earlier in the year that you would maybe have a conference in Fla sometime this year. I was wondering if you were going to? And did you get the e-mail I got, I asked you a couple questions? Thanks:)

  4. Yay! I was in photography class with Stephen a few weeks ago – how neat it was to see a ‘Mally’ in “real life” – lol. =) Anyhow, your family is so encouraging as you just work together to get things done, and each of you plays a different role. Thanks for the examples you are to us all!

  5. Hi! I am being encouraged this week as I attend the conference and am really enjoying it. I am looking forward to the rest of the week! The fellowship is wonderful, too!

  6. Listened to “Knights, Maidens, and Dragons” & “Credentials without College” several times with enjoyment and have been thinking about you all. Praying for each of you during this leadership conference week. We have Bright Lights on Thursday here with the Stams–it will be the last lesson with Hannah before she leaves for China. I will send an email about Boston/Niagara Falls tract experiences & attach a photo or two soon –Dani & Lisa

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