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Leader’s Training Attendees


We want to express appreciation to each of you who were praying for the Leaders Training. It was a great week. Like any conference, it was tiring and had its stressful moments… but things went very well. Sarah mentioned that she could definitely tell people were praying for her. The Lord answered many specific requests. We had a sweet, encouraging, spiritually-minded group of young ladies who attended. And it sounds like quite a few more Bright Lights groups will be starting.


The sessions seemed to go well, and …. drum roll please… the video worked, too! 🙂 From everything we can tell, it seems like the recording went very well. Stephen was able to edit as we went, so there is very little “post work” that has to be done. There *is* a little editing to do because of a few minor mistakes, such as the times Stephen fell asleep during sessions and woke up while falling off his chair :), etc.

IMG_5844 One of the activities during the training was to divide into small groups and, as a team, creatively present one Bright Lights lesson. The group pictured above did a great job teaching the Bright Lights lesson on “Keeping a Clear Conscience,” and we all enjoyed the way they illustrated how a girl will act in various situations depending on whether she has a “clear”, “guilty” or “dead” conscience.


  1. Oh, that looks fun! I wish we had been able to attend. I am glad to hear that all went well!

    About the video, will that eventually be available for sale? It would be neat to see that.

    It would be great you all are able to do at least a Radiant Purity conference here in FL in the spring. 😀

    In Him,

    Carissa and Hannah

  2. Hello Carissa and Hannah!

    Yes, if everything continues to work out, the video of the Leader’s Training will be for sale soon. Regarding coming to FL, we would still like to but we are waiting to find a church who is willing to host the conference.

    God bless!

  3. Thanks for the reply, Grace!

    That will be great! I am excited to see it! 🙂

    What size church are you looking for? How many people does it need to hold? And does it have to be in a particular city?

    See you sometime next year!

    In Him,

    Carissa and Hannah

  4. Hello again–
    To do a conference in Florida, we’d like a church that held at least 600. Regarding location, we think central FL would be great, such as the Clearwater / Tampa area or the Orlando Area.

    God bless! 🙂

  5. Hi Grace,
    It looks like the Leader’s Training conference was a lot of fun! I have a quick question…what was the youngest age you had? I’m 14 1/2 and I would love to come to another one in the future. Thanks!

  6. Hi Annie,

    Yes, we had two 12 year olds come with their older sisters to the Training this time. We don’t have an age limit. It was designed for young ladies 16 and up, but we are happy to make exceptions.

    God bless!

  7. Hope I can attend/help at as many of your conferences as possible when we are in the U.S. next year. Let me know, Grace, when you have dates and places set up. I’d like to attend a Purity conference and help at a SITL conf. at least…idk what we will be able to do time-wise and place-wise, but we’ll see. Knowing the dates as you find them out will help us with planning. 🙂

    Miss you Grace!

    Hannah Ruth

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