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Homeschool Conferences

Homeschool Conference in Minnesota

This weekend our family has a booth at the MACHE homeschool conference in Rochester, MN. Our day today has been long and tiring, but also very encouraging. Right now we are all in our hotel room making plans for tomorrow, deciding who has “first shift” working at the booth in the morning, and giving Sarah some more ideas for her up-coming session.


Stephen set up a video editing operation in our hotel room and spent several hours today up in the room making a new “Knights, Maidens and Dragons” DVD. (That is, in all the time we weren’t calling him to fix our cash registers downstairs at the booth. 🙂 ) He had quite the set-up here in the hotel room and made great use of the extra time he had. Knights, Maidens and Dragons is a presentation Sarah and my dad do on courtship and purity.

Homeschool Conferences

In Cincinnati and Indianapolis

Sarah explaining about how to use the Bright Lights material.


Rebekah May, Sarah, Stephen, Dad, Mom, Me, Nickie Biegler, Chrissy Baskerville, Rachel May

Saturday evening after the conference in Cincinnati, we packed up, drove back to Indianapolis. We picked up the 4 girls who had run our booth for us at the Indianapolis Home School conference, and ate supper downtown Indianapolis at the Spaghetti Factory. We had a good time relaxing and sharing stories.

We were surprised at the busy night-life that downtown Indianapolis had! It was about 10:30pm, and there were traffic jams, busy sidewalks, and people partying everywhere. Watching the people, it was obvious that they were searching. They aren’t satisfied. We overheard a song being played talking about “meaning in life”. People don’t have it, and they are looking for it.

Homeschool Conferences

Cincinnati and Indianapolis Home School Conferences


Nickie Biegler, Stephen, and Dad

Spring is here! For my family, spring means lots of state Home School Conferences. This weekend our family made plans to go to two Home School conferences (Indianapolis and Cincinnati) at the same time by bringing a team of Bright Lights leaders, dropping them off in Indianapolis, and then heading to Cincinnati with just our family.

We had fun setting up our booth during a thunderstorm, especially because we were setting up in a tent.

Stephen and Dad

Last night when the conference started, a lady came to our booth and gave Sarah an encouraging report. She said, “My kids and I heard you and your brother and sister speak about sibling relationships at a conference a couple years ago. We liked the way you used skits to demonstrate what you were teaching, so we decided to come up with a skit that our family could present together, which included the gospel. At first we just did it for just a very small group, but then the kid’s grandpa saw it and got excited about it. He invited them to do it for a larger group. One time, after we had done our skit for a group of about 300 people, a lady came and told me “I turned away from God and didn’t want anything to do with Christianity. But now—after seeing your kids—I’ve decided to come back to the Lord.” When families work together as a team, it makes a powerful impact for the Lord!