Homeschool Conferences

In Cincinnati and Indianapolis

Sarah explaining about how to use the Bright Lights material.


Rebekah May, Sarah, Stephen, Dad, Mom, Me, Nickie Biegler, Chrissy Baskerville, Rachel May

Saturday evening after the conference in Cincinnati, we packed up, drove back to Indianapolis. We picked up the 4 girls who had run our booth for us at the Indianapolis Home School conference, and ate supper downtown Indianapolis at the Spaghetti Factory. We had a good time relaxing and sharing stories.

We were surprised at the busy night-life that downtown Indianapolis had! It was about 10:30pm, and there were traffic jams, busy sidewalks, and people partying everywhere. Watching the people, it was obvious that they were searching. They aren’t satisfied. We overheard a song being played talking about “meaning in life”. People don’t have it, and they are looking for it.


  1. Oh! This is a beautiful web-site! It is wonderful to hear about the conferences that you and your family have been at and the fun times of fellowship afterwards! May the Lord greatly bless you all during this summer.

  2. I’m glad to hear that things went well for the conferences, Grace. Thanks for the pictures; those were especially nice to see! Keep up the good work for the Lord!

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