Bible Quizzing Tournament


After months of studying the book of Acts, the “big day” arrived! Last Saturday we drove into Chicago and enjoyed a long day of Bible Quizzing. The competition is very intense, causing hundreds of kids to really study God’s Word. (Many quizzers memorize it word for word.) It was a fun day and my team and I did better than we expected.

My team is to my left in the picture: Lena, Laura and Edward

Three teams (12 quizzers) sit on pads in a half circle. The quizmaster begins asking a question and whoever jumps up from his pad first triggers a light on the quizmaster’s control box. That person then has 30 seconds to answer the question. After 20 questions are asked, the quiz is over and the quizzers go to another room for their next quiz.

Sarah and Stephen used to be in quizzing before they got too old, and my dad also was a bible quizzer when he was in high school. We’ve been so grateful for quizzing and for the Scripture it’s helped us to learn; we wouldn’t trade it for anything! The World Bible Quiz Association is a non-demoninational organization. www.wbqa.org


  1. Bible quizzing is a favorite at our house. We just had our monthly quiz on Saturday. Over 100 quizzers = tons of fun!

    But ya know, you’re never too old for quizzing. We’ve got a fun quizzing event coming up where we will feature adult quizzing as well! 🙂

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