Homeschool Conferences

Homeschool Conference in Minnesota

This weekend our family has a booth at the MACHE homeschool conference in Rochester, MN. Our day today has been long and tiring, but also very encouraging. Right now we are all in our hotel room making plans for tomorrow, deciding who has “first shift” working at the booth in the morning, and giving Sarah some more ideas for her up-coming session.


Stephen set up a video editing operation in our hotel room and spent several hours today up in the room making a new “Knights, Maidens and Dragons” DVD. (That is, in all the time we weren’t calling him to fix our cash registers downstairs at the booth. 🙂 ) He had quite the set-up here in the hotel room and made great use of the extra time he had. Knights, Maidens and Dragons is a presentation Sarah and my dad do on courtship and purity.