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Announcements/Family News

On the Road

I can’t believe how our 2011 schedule is filling up! Below is a list of the home school conferences we will be speaking at this year as well as the the Bright Lights conferences that have been scheduled so far. We’d appreciate prayer! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to see many of you along the way!


7, Cedar Rapids, IA
Bright Lights Spring Internship Begins


3-5 Memphis, TN (Midsouth Homeschool Convention)

17-19 Greenville, SC (Southeast Homeschool Convention)

31-April 2 Cincinnati, OH (Midwest Homeschool Convention)


6-7 Arlington, TX (Homeschool Book Fair)

27-28 Manchester, NH (Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire)


23-25 Philadelphia, PA (Northeast Homeschool Convention)

27 Cedar Rapids, IA
Bright Lights Summer Internship Begins


5-6 Oshkosh, WI
Bright Lights “Strong in the Lord Conference”

8-9 Oshkosh, WI
Bright Lights “Radiant Purity Conference”

12-13 Omaha, NE
Bright Lights “Strong in the Lord Conference”

15-16 Omaha, NE
Bright Lights “Radiant Purity Conference”


9-10 Collegeville, PA
Bright Lights “Strong in the Lord Conference”

12-13 Collegeville, PA
Bright Lights “Radiant Purity Conference”

16-17 Willoughby Hills, OH
Bright Lights “Strong in the Lord Conference”

19-20 Willoughby Hills, OH
Bright Lights “Radiant Purity Conference”

Announcements/Radiant Purity Conferences

Radiant Purity Video Conferences!

We are very excited about this new venue available for discipling young ladies, since we know we can do only a limited number of live conferences. Thanks to the help of many good friends, the DVDs of the Radiant Purity Conference are now AVAILABLE for Bright Lights leaders to use to run video conferences in their area. Nickie, Rachel, and Sarah also recently designed a 50-page journal to help girls internalize the message and dig deeper into the Word. The first RP Video Conference took place last month in Michigan.

The next Radiant Purity Video Conference is scheduled for Cambridge, Minnesota (near the Twin Cities) on January 22. If you live in the area and would be interested in attending, click here for details.

Click here for pdf of the above flyer. (Thanks to Nickie for her great job in designing it.)

To learn more about the Radiant Purity Conference, click here.


Upcoming Event!

We are very excited to announce that we have scheduled a weekend Bright Lights Leaders Training Conference for October 29th-30th, 2010 in Council Bluffs, IA!

This two day training will be a combination of several video sessions taught by Sarah Mally and also live sessions taught by two of the Bright Lights staff, Nickie Biegler and Rebekah May.

Topics include:
What is Bright Lights?
A Pattern For Discipleship
Principles of Ministry
The Leader’s Responsibility
Leading an Effective Bright Lights Meeting
The Offense of the Cross
The Unexpected Quality of a Leader
How to Develop a Ministry
Dealing With Special Situations
Planning a BL Meeting
Seven Ways to Train Young Ladies
Rewards and Demands of the Ministry

Also included will be times of sharing, interaction, and hands-on projects and ministry assignments.

If you live in the Iowa / Nebraska area, consider coming to be encouraged and strengthened in your walk with the Lord and to enjoy fellowship with other young ladies.

Date: Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30th
Time: Friday -9:30am to 8:00pm, Saturday- 9:30am to 5:30pm
Location: Valley View Baptist, in Council Bluffs, IA
Cost: Free

This conference is for young ladies (ages 13 and up) and mothers who have a vision to disciple younger girls and a desire to learn how to have an effective ministry.

Please contact us for questions!

Announcements/Bright Lights Internship

2011 Internships

We are excited to announce two Bright Lights Internships for 2011:

January 17 – March 25th
July 6 – September 16th

This ten-week internship includes intensive Biblical studies, practical discipleship training, and a variety of ministry opportunities including traveling with the Bright Lights team to help lead “Strong in the Lord Conferences” and “Radiant Purity Conferences”, office work, discipling younger women, witnessing outreaches, working at Noah’s Archive Christian Bookstore, and helping with whatever else the Lord brings our way during the time you are with us.

For young ladies ages 18 and up. Please contact us for more information.



We are excited to announce four Bright Lights Conferences scheduled for August, 2010. We will be doing a Strong in the Lord Conference and Radiant Purity Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and then we’ll repeat the same schedule in Duluth, Minnesota.

To Download Flyer Click HERE.

To Register Online Click HERE.

Click HERE to see a 2 minute video clip of Sarah speaking at a 2009 Radiant Purity Conference .

For more details about Bright Lights conferences, see the Bright Lights website.

If you would like our informational e-mail to pass on, we’d be glad to send it to you. Just contact us and ask!


Mark Cahill Coming to Cedar Rapids!

We are very excited to be bringing Mark Cahill to speak in Cedar Rapids in just over a month. His ministry has greatly impacted my life, and I’m praying that my city will be impacted in the same way. Each time I pick up his book or listen to one of his messages I get excited about witnessing all over again! I’m grateful for the practical steps and ideas he lays out for the rest of us who desire to reach the lost.

Click here to see an 8-min Youtube of Mark Cahill speaking.

To Download a flyer, click here.
Contact us for questions or more information.

Announcements/Creation Museum

Bright Lights Conference at the Creation Museum

Bright Lights Creation Poster

Conference Schedule: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Registration opens at 8:00 AM

Includes: Three conference sessions in Special Effects Theater, two small group sessions in the Garden Pavilions, and the rest of the day to enjoy the museum and fellowship with other mothers and daughters. To learn more about the museum, visit

Cost: $18 per adult / $10 per child under 12 yrs.
Price includes one day admission to the museum.

To download a flyer: click here

To register: click here. (Note: There is a limit of two hundred attendees at this conference.)

If you would like an informational e-mail about the conference to forward to friends from your church or homeschool group, contact us and we’ll send one to you.

To see information about other Bright Lights conferences planned for Ohio and Virginia in the beginning of August, click here.




Four Bright Lights Conferences scheduled for August!
We will be doing a Strong in the Lord Conference and a Radiant Purity Conference in Bristol, Virginia, and then we’ll repeat the same schedule in Pataskala, Ohio.

To view flyer for Bristol,VA, click here.
To view flyer for Pataskala,OH, click here
To register online, click here.



Announcing: Upcoming Bright Lights Internship!

February 9th – April 22nd, 2009

Over the past several years, we have often had girls stay with us for short periods of time to help with Bright Lights. This has been a huge blessing to Bright Lights, but we are very pleased to now be able to organize a more complete internship.

Internship Activities:

-Desktop Publishing class (taught by Stephen)

-Bright Lights Office Responsibilities (correspondence, orders, material compilation, graphic design, various projects)

-Ministry Assignments (Help in our local Bright Lights group, leading Bright Lights conferences, representing Bright Lights at homeschool conferences, one-on-one discipleship opportunities, evangelism)

-Studies and Training

We are turning our “office house” into a guest house where the girls will be staying. This is directly behind the house where our family lives.

Since we are still “in transition” we feel it’s best for this first internship to be small. So far there are three girls who are planning to come, but we would be able to take one or two more. This internship is designed for young ladies who are already ministry minded, have zeal for the Lord, have fruit in their lives, and are seeking further areas of ministry and leadership. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12