Four Bright Lights Conferences scheduled for August!
We will be doing a Strong in the Lord Conference and a Radiant Purity Conference in Bristol, Virginia, and then we’ll repeat the same schedule in Pataskala, Ohio.

To view flyer for Bristol,VA, click here.
To view flyer for Pataskala,OH, click here
To register online, click here.



  1. ???????•?????????????¶§???????? … Hello everybody! I just found out how to make these cute symbols! All you have to do it push ALT + any number on the number lock pad (9-key pad). I like them!

  2. I really enjoy reading about your family adventures!
    Hope to see you all sometime soon!

  3. Thanks for the announcement. I just sent off the flyer to a friend and her daughter that I went to High School with that live in Virginia. I so hope they might consider coming.

  4. Oh Grace, I am so excited that you’re coming to Bristol!!!!!!!!!!! I live near Bristol and a group from my church is going to come hear you. I’m thrilled because I am going to actually get to meet a my real life heroines. 🙂

    May your day be blessed!

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