The Offense of the Cross

In 1983, my dad was studying 1 Corinthians 1 and came across a verse which changed his life. It so dramatically transformed his thinking that his entire method of doing ministry changed from that point on.

We consider this message to be foundational in our family, in the Bright Lights ministry, in evangelism, and in discipleship.

Last Sunday my dad gave this message at church, so I thought I’d post it up on here as well!


  1. I took the time to watch this video, and I can say wholeheartedly I’m glad I watched it! Your dad is very wise. I left my young adults group at church a few months ago simply because the leaders were so focused on fun.
    I especially liked the quote “What are they saved to? Christ or the fun?” This was a timely encouragement; thanks for posting!
    Laura(lea) 😀

    PS ~ Happy B-Day Sarah! May your relationship with Christ deepen much this year!

  2. This is a great message. Thank you for posting!
    Our church canceled services today, because of the snow. So we had family worship and watched this!


  3. Great video! I listened the whole video while doing a school assignment in my free time… these were a few of my thoughts:

    * “Youth Groups are looking for fun”- True, some youth groups are fun oriented and contain no spiritual value what-so-ever. However, I would argue that this statement is NOT true in all youth groups.

    * Media is a powerful tool to share the gospel with others globally. The world currently possess this tool for evil; shall we abandon this medium of communication? Certainly not! We must use the media in a Biblical manner (as Mr. Mally stated) and not let it use us.

    *The “Big Productions” vs. “Personal Attention” caught my attention…

    Thanks for posting this video. Many things your dad said God wanted me to hear. Your dad is very wise and your family’s ministy has deeply effected me. Thanks again!

    In Christ,
    Daniel Blom

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