Singapore and Malaysia/Strong in the Lord Conf.

Summary of our Malaysia Trip!

Thank you to everyone who was praying for us! We saw the Lord answer many prayers, and work out countless details. So many things that could have gone wrong didn’t. Many things that we were hoping for happened. Sarah and I, plus the 4 American girls who came along with us saw the Lord work in mighty ways as we “labored together” with the Asian young ladies throughout the 3 conferences. There was a real spirit of “one accord”, which is a rare and powerful thing. Many bright lights shining in one accord is a lot brighter then just one bright light shining alone!

During the 18 days we were in Singapore and Malaysia we ran 3 Bright Lights conferences.
The first conference was running simultaneously with the 3 day family homeschool conference in Meleka, Malaysia. We had about 90 girls attending and 20 older girls helping us by leading the small groups.

Rachel and Chrissy
I felt so privledged to be able to spend time with all of these girls. They were so much fun to be with and welcomed us so warmly into their country!


We took all of our girls up on stage the last day to do a special presentation for the parents of the songs and verses we had learned together.

Conference Number 2: Leader’s Training


Our wonderful group of leaders!

This conference was much different. It was focused on teaching these older girls about discipleship, ministry, and staring Bright Lights groups in their areas. As I wrote in an earlier post, we stayed together in the Chalet, ate all our meals together and had lots of nice times together.

Conference Number 3: In conclusion to the Leader’s Training, we all led the Strong in the Lord conference together at a church in Singapore. This conference went very well, although it was not pulled off without struggle. I had the stomach flu that day, and others were sick as well. One of the rooms in the church became the “sick room” where those that weren’t feeling well could lay down throughout the day. The Lord was faithful to provide the needed strength at the needed times and the conference was a big sucess.


The day before we left we went to the beach for a retreat with a Bright Lights group that has been meeting in Singapore for about 6 months. After some fun activities in the morning and lunch, we arranged some time for individual Bible study, group sharing, and one on one sharing time. It was a very nice last day.


  1. We tried the durian with mixed results. Richard wholeheartedly enjoyed it. I liked the flavor, but the smell took out some of the enjoyment. Alex didn’t enjoy the one bite he managed to get down at all. We don’t blame him. You have to be born with “special” taste buds to really like durian.

    Fortunately, we survived the flight without any coffee stains 🙂

    It was nice to get to know you all. Keep up the good work! TTUL.

  2. That’s wonderful, Grace! It looks like the trip went very well. Thank you for all the updates! I’m sure the Lord used y’all to touch many lives for His glory! 🙂

  3. It really looks like everything went through by God’s grace. Pray that God will continue to be with you all and strengthten you all to touch others lives and help them to come to know what God has installed for their lives. You’ve all done an excellent job for the Lord!!! Keep it and up and don’t forget we’re looking forward to you all coming next year again!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Miss Grace,
    May I have the lyrics and music score of the song “I will be Your Shield”? Thank You

  5. Wonderful pictures Grace; it looks like the people there were blessed. Keep serving our Lord!

  6. Dear Beatrice,
    Regarding the lyrics and music score of “I Will Be Your Shield” please contact Rachel Wissman (who wrote it).

    God bless you!
    Grace Mally

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