Romans Challenge!

When speaking on witnessing at the Radiant Purity conferences, I have been recommending to the girls that they spend more time in Romans—saturating their thoughts with the gospel so that it overflows into their lives and witness. I’ve been suggesting that they do the “Romans Challenge” which I did last winter: reading Romans 1-8 daily for thirty or fifty days. Last winter over 100 others did it with me, and it was wonderful to be able to share reports and study tips with each other. They would send tips and testimonies to me, and I’d combine them in a weekly e-mail.

I decided to host another “Romans Challenge” in September for those who are interested, and I have been announcing it at conferences.

20130817_060954_22587 I’ve been encouraged by the enthusiasm of the girls who come up to me afterwards with their e-mail address, asking to be included in the September “Romans challenge.” Last night I spent some time entering all the e-mails into my computer.

If any of you would be interested in more information about this challenge, see my post from last February and leave a comment if you’d like to be included! Also feel free to pass the word to any friends you know who may be interested.

Even if you don’t do this Romans challenge, I recommend you do something similar with a book of the Bible sometime. Read it over and over for a period of time, and watch as the Lord gives you a deeper, broader understanding of it. And remember—you are not the only one out there desiring to seek the Lord diligently. It can be easy to begin feeling alone in your Christian walk at times, but remember—there many other young people that are also seeking, craving the Word—wanting to be stretched, to grow deeper, stronger. Traveling around the states doing conferences gives us the opportunity to see that the Lord is raising up a generation that is seeking Him!

Here are just a few of testimonies from those who did the Romans challenge last winter:

“You don’t realize the wonderful logic of the book of Romans until you read it through like this. … I have really enjoyed it and am always tempted to read the rest of Romans. You realize that you learn so much this way and it has really motivated me to want to do it with all the books of the Bible!” ~Katrina

“It would be difficult to express what God is doing in me through y’all’s testimony and especially through His Word. . . The truth of His glorious plan is sinking in, becoming my own. – Ben

“This has been such blessing… I don’t want the 50 days to end. 🙂 I started compiling all of my notes into a fun notebook … I feel like I have a much better understanding of Romans and how it all fits together, because of this.” –Becca

“Thank you so much for sending the tips and ideas. They help to keep it fresh and help me dig deeper. 🙂 I have been sharing what I am learning about with others quite a bit. Reading it so much keeps it constantly on my mind, so I can’t help mentioning it!” Hannah


  1. We enjoyed the Radiant Purity conference in MI the last couple of days–our hearts are pretty full from all we have heard and seen and the fellowship we’ve experienced, and look forward to the Strong In The Lord Conference next week. 🙂

    This summer, my daughter has been a Bible Bee participant, and so we’ve been working on the study together. The study centers around the book of 1 John, and so I thought that I would read 1 John every day throughout the summer. I noticed yesterday durng the conference that direct and indirect references to 1 John really stood out to me–REALLY stood out. I wondered if reading the whole book was really going to make a difference for me, and I have been asking the Lord to help me to keep reading and trusting Him for any benefit. I know He doesn’t want me to do it just to be able to say I did, :), but then, neither has He encouraged me to stop and go read something else. I’m so thankful for the Bible Bee study and for His word. I’m going to think and pray about the Romans challenge and see if that’s something the Lord would have me do.

    Thank you, Grace!

  2. Hi! i would like to join but i don’t know your email address, so when in Sep. do you start?

  3. Hi Grace,
    Your ministry has been such a blessing to my sister and me! Just last night I was remembering your post from last year on reading through Romans 1-8 for fifty days and thought I might do that. Then this morning I checked your blog, only to see you’re doing it again in September! So I think I’ll wait till then to really start, and I would love to be included in your emails! Right now my sister (who might take up the “Romans Challenge” too) is reading through the Bible in just a few weeks and has taken Stephen’s suggestion (from “Credentials Without College”) to write a paragraph on each book and has really been enjoying it. Thank you so much for your example and all that you do to encourage girls! May the Lord bless you!

  4. Hey! I would love to be apart of the september romans challenge but dont have your email! i would love being apart of a group of people encouraging each other to be in the word!

  5. Hi, Grace! I like your Romans Challenge. I have been doing such a study this year, doing a different
    5-7 chapter section of the Bible each month. The over-and-over reading of the same chapters certainly does lead to deeper reflection and to “new” details becoming visible. I hope you have many who take up your challenge!

  6. Grace, this is wonderful :)! My friend and I joined the first group, and I would recommend that everyone who sees this who has not done so already joins :)… We were so blessed by reading the same passage for several weeks, that we are now trying to get a group of friends together to do the same thing reading through the gospel of Mark in a few months :).
    I’m going to share this on my own blog in a couple weeks… this and your new book. It was a wonderful read, thank you for following the Lord’s prompting in writing it, Grace, even though you “didn’t want to” :)!

  7. Hi Grace, I would love to participate! Unfortunately I don’t have your email though. Your blog is a real encouragement! Thanks!!

  8. Will you contact me with info how to email you so that I can participate in the Romans Challenge?
    Thanks so much!

  9. Hello Grace, this is the Grace from the conference in Texas that got to be your teams assistant. I enjoyed working with you so much!
    I would love to join in on the Romans challenge too!

  10. Hello Everyone, I’m so encouraged by your comments. Thank you!
    For each of you who asked to be included, I added your email addresses to the list.
    For His Glory,

  11. Hi Grace!
    I would love to be included in the ‘challenge’ emails! I read about the challenge last winter when you posted about it and I know one or two freinds who have done it before; can’t wait to start! 🙂

  12. I was so blessed by this challenge last winter!

    Because of doing it I am almost finished memorizing the book of Romans.

    Thank you, Grace!!!

  13. I would LOVE to do this!
    I think it would be such a gift, not only to myself but my husband as well.
    I hope 29yrs old is not too old to join in? 🙂


  14. I would like to take part in the challenge!!!
    Please add me (admin edit – removed email address)

    Love and prayers
    Carrolyn Brown

  15. I’d like to join!! I just finished your book, wowww, talk about inspiring!! Thanks soo much for all your practical ideas and advice!! Can’t wait to put it all to work. 🙂

  16. Sounds like a great idea! I would love to get the emails. Please add me to your list! Thanks!

  17. I would love to be included in the challenge. The group accountability would be so good for me!! Thank you! (admin edit – removed email address)

  18. I’ve been doing this since your conference on Aug. 10..and its Such an awesome challenge!! 🙂
    but I would love to receive the emails and continue on into Sept. with y’all..so I would be so grateful if you could add me to your emailing list as well!! thanks!! 🙂

  19. My family and I have been reading it this September, but I haven’t got a chance to sign up yet. I hope it’s not too late. Please count me in! 🙂

  20. This morning I got totally overwhelmed with the challenge. So far this month, I’ve struggled to make it all the way through the eight chaoters every day. In all honesty, i’ve really only made it all the way through in one sitting twice. On average it takes me an hour and half to get through the first four chapters, as I’m a slow reader and a “mull-over-er”. I’ve also always had a tendency to over “commit” myself (so I thought) and as I’m studying Daniel and Ruth as well, I contemplated giving up. This morning I got a suggestiong from someone to read half of the eight chapters one day, half the next. I starting considering it, but then–as a total God-Moment!–I looked at my emails and saw yours. I KNOW this is all the devil trying to keep me from the Word; and I’m determined not to let him win! I’ve become so used to living another busy day, then crashing at night either watching a movie or doing some “not-having-to-think-too-much” activity, thus not spending deep, worshipful fellowship with our precious Jesus. But no more. 🙂
    All that said, thank you SO incredibly much! God is sure using you and is challenge to help me grow, and–though I may sometimes feel like quitting–I’ll be right here with the rest if my sisters in Christ studying Rmans this month… No matter what Satan throws at me. Thank you for giving me a boost so that my thirst for God’s Word has become rekindled and for giving us this challenge. 🙂

  21. Kayla, that is so encouraging to hear! Praise the Lord! Yes, we MAKE time for what we really want to do … keep persevering! Sending extra time in the Word changes our lives in big ways for the glory of God! I will be praying for you!

  22. I am starting on 1-5. Did it yesterday. Will do it today. We will have to do this with more than just Romans. Starting on 6-8 for another 60 days after doing 1-5 for 60 days; Can’t do 1-8 all at once, To many beautiful babies and my darling wife has captured my attention also.

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