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Reading Stories of Missionary Perspectives at Christmas

Because of bad weather, the Christmas program at our church became a Christmas “get together” in a home, but it was a special evening. Each family had prepared a special song to share, and in between songs, one of the mothers in our church, Crissy Jarmon, and her children read some missionary Christmas stories they had found.

The missionary stories were very touching – communicating the struggles and perspectives of missionaries around Christmastime. These stories can really help us keep our focus right this time of year! If some of you are interested in reading a couple of these stories with your families this Christmas, you can follow these links:

“Christmas is about Leaving Home … Not Going Home”
“I Gave Myself”


On a more lighthearted note, Sarah and I wrote a song for the evening– it’s mostly inside jokes, but we thought those of you who have been to our church may enjoy it. [smile]
(P.S. To see the words, click on “vimeo” to watch it off our church’s vimeo channel – the words will be below.)


  1. Thanks for this humorous song which also depicts my Church, St Matthias and St Luke Church, in Vancouver, BC, Canada! I am very relieved to hear that we’re not alone in our ‘messiness’!

    Thank you again! Our Lord Reigns!

  2. Such a good idea to take a song and personalize it! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you all had a blessed Christmas, rejoicing in our Savior! =)

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