The Garden Where I Grow


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Written by Gary Bower
Illustrated by Jan Bower
32 pages, full color

Anyone who raises vegetables knows that gardens are a lot of hard work. So are relationships! But the labor that goes into nurturing family relationships can result in a delicious harvest that is nutritious to our souls. Using gardening as a metaphor, this refreshing book reminds us of the benefits we experience when we let our roots grow deep right where we’ve been planted.
A family is like a vegetable garden — it takes hard work, great patience … and occasionally you have to deal with pests. But those who are eager to lean from the Master Gardener and keep at it, discover that the sweet fruits of love, joy and lifelong friendships are well worth the effort.”

“Young and old are inspired by Gary and Jan Bower’s books! The deep, yet simple truths combined with the beautiful oil paintings guide hearts closer to the heart ofGod, promoting wise choices and a desire to build character.” – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

“The Garden Where I Grow paints a refreshing and beautiful vision of God’s design for family, and presents children with simple, practical ways to cultivate strong family relationships.” -Eric and Leslie Ludy

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